3D Printed Ovaries Could Help Women Overcome Infertility

Bioprinting: How 3D Printing is Changing Medicine

Ending Infertility

A new 3D printed prosthetic could be a huge boon to infertility treatment. Researchers from Northwestern University have created an artificial, 3D printed ovary which, when implanted, allowed previously infertile mice to give birth to healthy offspring.

The bioprosthesis is constructed by 3D printing a scaffold using specially formulated gelatin layered on a glass slide. Holes were then cut into the scaffold to accommodate the hormone-secreting cells or follicles. Within a week, the prosthesis had connected with the mice’s circulatory system which allowed the synthetic organ to release eggs as if it were a natural organ.

The mice implanted with the synthetic Lees verder

Via:: Artikelen van Futurism.com


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