A New VC Fund Is Bankrolling Virtual Products in a Simulated World

Digital Currency Group's new branch, Metaverse Ventures, will invest exclusively in Decentraland startups that develop products for the VR blockchain world.

Abstract Investments

A cryptocurrency investment firm called Digital Currency Group just launched a new fund, Metaverse Ventures, which will focus solely on simulated products in a virtual reality world called Decentraland.

In case you missed it, Futurism previously reported on Decentraland’s fundraising efforts, where people and companies paid exorbitant amounts of money for a plot of virtual land in what’s being marketed as a virtual reality megamall-meets-amusement park, all of which runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Third Life

According to Digital Currency Group’s announcement, Metaverse Ventures already made two key investments.

The first is in Vegas City, a district that takes up about one-twelfth Lees verder

Via:: Artikelen van Futurism.com


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