A Woman Is Pregnant Following a Robot-Assisted Uterus Transplant

For the first time, a woman who received a uterus transplant through robot-assisted surgery is pregnant and due to give birth in a few months.

A World’s First

For a woman born without a healthy uterus, or without a uterus at all, the dream of giving birth to a baby used to be unattainable. But in 2014, a woman gave birth to a baby after receiving a  uterus transplant. Since then, 12 others have followed in her footsteps.

On Wednesday, researchers announced that a patient who underwent a uterine transplant assisted by robots — which researchers say sharply decreased risks associated with the futuristic procedure — is now pregnant, with the baby due this spring. If all goes well with that delivery, the baby will Lees verder

Via:: Artikelen van Futurism.com


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