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BASF onderzoekt optimale benutting satellietdata voor landbouw

Chemieconcern BASF en de European Space Agency (ESA) zijn een samenwerking gestart om te onderzoeken hoe satellietbeelden en -data het best kunnen worden ingezet om water- en gewasbeschermingsgebruik in de landbouwsector terug te dringen. Dit artikel verscheen op DuurzaamBedrijfsleven. Bezoek DuurzaamBedrijfsleven.nl voor al het nieuws over innovatie, cleantech en de business case van duurzaam ondernemen. […]

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Soon, Medication Will be Custom Tailored to Your Specific Genetics

­ Personalized medicine, which involves tailoring health care to each person’s unique genetic makeup, has the potential to transform how we diagnose, prevent and treat disease. After all, no two people are alike. Mapping a person’s unique susceptibility to disease and targeting the right treatment has deservedly been welcomed as a new power to heal. […]

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Scientists Uncover Genes That May Help Combat Aging and Disease

“Late-Life Cyclers” Scientists and physicians alike agree that the circadian cycle, an organism’s “biological clock,” plays an important role in keeping the body healthy. Now, researchers from Oregon State University (OSU) have uncovered another reason why disrupting this cycle is bad for your health. CLICK TO VIEW FULL INFOGRAPHIC Led by OSU graduate student Rachael Kuintzle, […]

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Watch the World’s First Rideable Hoverbike in Flight

Hoversurfing the Skies A Russian drone start-up called Hoversurf just posted a video unveiling a prototype for a single-seat aircraft that you can drive yourself. Dubbed the Scorpion-3, the electric-powered hoverbike is capable of lifting itself and a driver into the air. It combines a traditional motorcycle design with quadcopter technology, allowing both professionals and amateurs […]


Frames Which Frame Themselves by Taylor Holland

1800s Empire (2014), all images via Taylor Holland Paris-based American artist Taylor Holland explores how technological methods interact with a physical reality, a concept which is showcased in his series FRA[MES]. Utilizing digital methods copied onto custom molds, Holland fills ornate 18th and 19th with reorganized details from their own design, merging the style of […]

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Last Week, the Temperature in One U.S. City Was 43 Degrees Higher Than Normal

100 Degrees in Winter Magnum, Oklahoma, saw temperatures close to 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit) last week. This would be nothing exceptional in the tropics on a summer day, but this spike occurred in the Northern Hemisphere in the dead of winter. In fact, this weather was so extreme it broke a daily record in […]

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L.A. Traffic Is the Worst in the World, And We Need to Do Something

Global Traffic Scorecard The results are in for the Global Traffic Scorecard—a report that ranks cities based on the hours commuters spend in traffic. And, according to statistics, Los Angeles drivers and passenger spent 104 hours in traffic CLICK TO VIEW FULL DESCRIPTION in 2016 during peak commuting hours. That translates to four full days […]


Sotheby’s Institute: Trust Is Everything in the Art Business (Sponsor)

“My time at Sotheby’s Institute has been the foundation for all the relationships that I’ve had later on. When people check your CV and see that such an institution is behind you, somehow backing up what you’re doing and what you say and know and how you work, it helps to build trust. When you’re […]

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China is Using Drones Equipped With Flamethrowers for an Unexpected Purpose

Year after year, we witness drones becoming more multifaceted in functionality. From artificial pollination to performing at halftime during the Super Bowl – drones have become just as diverse as the society that created them. This is now truer than ever, as China has recently equipped drones with flamethrowers for the benefit of the public. A power company […]

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Mark Cuban: We Need to Prepare for When Robots Replace Human Workers

A Warning and a Question Dallas Mavericks owner and business mogul Mark Cuban has joined other technology leaders in warning about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and robots on jobs. In an interview with CNBC, Cuban warned about the loss of jobs due to increased automation in the very near future. The interview was […]