Blooming Sketchbooks Overflow with Gorgeous Color Block Collages

eva magill oliver blooming sketchbooks pop-up collages

Like many creative thinkers, multi-media artist Eva Magill-Oliver is constantly filling sketchbooks with her inspired ideas and artistic visions. What sets her drawing pads apart from others, however, is that hers are not filled with simple sketches or jotted notes. Instead, hers burst with color block collages, composed of organic forms, peculiar patterns, and movable parts.

Featuring inked illustrations, splashes of bright paint, and textured paper, each blooming collage is a one-of-a-kind aesthetic experiment. At first glance, the curious cut-outs that comprise the explosive series may appear entirely abstract. When observed more closely, however, it becomes clear that, though minimalist and stylized, the shapes are indeed inspired by botanical elements. “I Lees verder

Via:: MET kunst


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