Dramatically Sweeping Dresses by Pierpaolo Piccioli Resemble Classic Winter Puffer Coats

Winter apparel brand Moncler has partnered with Valentino’s creative director Pierpaolo Picciolo to create massive gowns that reference classic cold-weather puffy coats. Each gown features the typical quilted style of down jackets, but instead of short form-fitting coats, the dresses sweep across the floors with voluminous hemlines and envelope the wearer’s neck and shoulders in cocoon-like shapes. Typical subdued winterwear colors are swapped out for a riot of jewel tones accented with variegated stripes.

The collaboration, which is part of Moncler’s Genius program, engaged Picciolo, as well as designer and Lees verder

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Upcycled Lobster Shells are Transformed into Functional Planters and Packages

Four designers from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College have found a second life for the lobster tail you might’ve splurged on for Valentine’s Day. The project team, dubbed Shellworks, created a bioplastic by combining vinegar with chitin, a fibrous substance that is the main component of crustacean’s shells, as well as fungi cell walls. Though there is currently a commercially available version of chitin, called chitosan, it is extremely expensive.

The Shellworks team created five of their own machines, named Shelly, Sheety, Vaccy, Dippy and Drippy, to manipulate the chitin-based materials with varying stiffness, flexibility, thickness, and Lees verder

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Touching Google Doodle Honors Steve Irwin on What Would Have Been His 57th Birthday

Steve Irwin Birthday Steve Irwin Google Doodle Crocodile Hunter Google Doodle

In 2006, wildlife expert and well-known television star Steve Irwin tragically passed away at just 44 years old. Thirteen years later, and the world continues to honor the late “Crocodile Hunter,” whose lasting legacy is explored in a touching new Google Doodle tribute.

Intended to commemorate what would have been his 57th birthday on February 22, 2019, this short but sweet animation traces his extraordinary life and work. It opens with a shot of a young Irwin in a boat as he and his beloved dog, Sui, encounter a crocodile. It then showcases Irwin’s role at the <a target="_blank" Lees verder

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Everyday Consumer Goods Are De-Produced Into Rectangular Prisms of Raw Materials

Volkswagen Beetle. Photograph by Ronald Smits

Dutch design team Studio Drift (previously) codifies the complex mix of materials that are used to create modern consumer goods in their newest series, Materialism. The collection reduces down recognizable items ranging from light bulbs and pencils to bicycles and even a Volkswagen Beetle. Raw materials like graphite, copper, rubber, polyurethane, and aluminum are shown as perfectly sliced blocks, emphasizing the original substance rather than the abstracted functional shape (like a rubber bicycle tube or graphite pencil core).

In a statement Lees verder

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Glass Lilac, Daffodil, and Magnolia Blossoms Thrive Underground at New York City’s 28th Street Subway Station

A new mosaic mural breathes life into the recently reopened 28th Street Station in New York City thanks to a cheerful design of blossoming glass flowers by artist Nancy BlumROAMING UNDERFOOT depicts plants that were chosen from the Madison Square Park Conservancy’s Perennial Collection because of their ability to withstand climate change, such as Red Buds, Magnolias, Hellebores, Witch Hazel, Daffodils, and Camellia. “Blum’s intent was to capture some of the magic of the nearby park, regarded as an urban sanctuary, and to enhance the station environment for transit riders,” explains the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Lees verder

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The History of the Color Orange: From Tomb Paintings to Modern-Day Jumpsuits

What Does the Color Orange Mean?

Turmeric powder is used as a dye for Buddhist robes, particularly when saffron isn’t available. (Photo: Stock Photos from tarapong srichaiyos/Shutterstock)

Orange is a color that provokes an immediate reaction. What is it about the color orange that makes it so effective? In some cultures, it’s considered a sacred hue, while in others it’s a symbol of royalty. Bold and dynamic, orange is used to signal danger while at the same time create a sensation of excitement.

Since ancient times—long before it was called orange—this color has had a Lees verder

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Hybrid Graphite Drawings by Mateo Pizarro Merge Animals and Humans with Unexpected Obstacles

Columbian artist Mateo Pizarro (previously) is inspired by contradictions. His graphite drawings combine animals with elements of human creation, merging nature with technological advancements or conflicting scenes. A four-winged goose resembles an airplane propeller while an ostrich walks around with a lightbulb as a replacement for its small head and beak.  “Drawing these fantastical animals I have come to realize that the beasts that do exist are just as surreal [as those imagined]: a giraffe or an armadillo is just as improbable as any winged horse,” Pizarro tells Colossal.

His work is included in a group exhibition of works on Lees verder

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Artist Removes Makeup from Mass-Produced Dolls to Transform Them into Realistic Faces

Doll Repainting by Olga Kamenetskaya

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For years, artist Olga Kamenetskaya has transformed overly made-up and mass-produced dolls into realistic figurines. Gone are painted faces featuring excessive eyeshadow and perfectly pink cheeks. Kamenetskaya strips the dolls’ makeup and opts for bushy facial hair, freckles, and even wrinkles in their skin. The results are so lifelike that you’d expect to see these people walking down the street.

One of the Lees verder

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Colorful Quilts by Bisa Butler use African Fabrics to Form Nuanced Portraits

“Three Kings”, detail

Artist Bisa Butler draws from an array of vibrant patterned fabrics to create portraits of everyday people. She eschews representational colors, favoring layered jewel-toned hues to form the skin of her Black subjects, and often groups figures together into strong silhouettes.

“I have always been drawn to portraits,” Butler explains in a statement on her gallery’s website. “I was the little girl who would sit next to my grandmother and ask her to go through her old family photo albums. I was the one who wanted to Lees verder

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