A Photo Series by Yoko Ishii Documents the Free-Ranging Urban Deer of Nara, Japan

From the series Beyond the Border by Yoko Ishii, all images courtesy of the photographer

In Nara, Japan, Sika deer are not restricted to forests or parks, but rather mingle in the urban center much like humans—congregating in green spaces, browsing open shops, and even lining up neatly to pass through turnstiles. Although viewed as a burden in a most of the country, in Nara the deer population is sacred and protected by law. Beyond the Border, an ongoing series by Kanagawa-based photographer Yoko Ishii, captures the Lees verder

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Long-Limbed Mythical Characters Carved from Hawthorn Wood by Tach Pollard

“Owlman Rising”

Sculptor Tach Pollard (previously) works with sustainably sourced hawthorn wood to form lustrous sculptures of mythological figures. After carving the wood, the UK-based artist finishes it with blow torches to form the dark bodies that contrast with the pale, peaceful faces on each sculptural figure. Pollard draws inspiration from myths and spiritual traditions from around the world, including Inuit and Celtic traditions, and is particularly drawn to the notions of shapeshifting and sea creatures. You can see more of his mystical sculptures on <a target="_blank" href="https://www.instagram.com/tachpollard/?hl=en" Lees verder

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Delight-Inducing Augmented Reality Videos by Vernon James Manlapaz Combine Everyday Scenery with Fantastical Interlopers

Everyday spaces like street markets, city sidewalks, and restaurants become a fantastical playland in the mind of Vernon James Manlapaz. The designer, who has several years of experience in animation and visual effects, creates delight-inducing augmented realities that he shares on Instagram with his more than 150,000 followers.

Manlapaz tells Colossal that his digital creations are a combination of pre-planned concepts and spontaneous inspiration. The designer always keeps his phone and 360 camera on hand so he can capture footage for scenery at any time. Lees verder

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Eye-Opening Entries From the 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

Photo and caption: David Edgar. I took this photo of an adolescent humpback whale in the South Pacific, several miles off the coast of Tongatapu, Tonga. I captured this as a split-shot with half my dome port submerged, and the other above the surface. This playful whale came right up to me and looked directly into my eyes as the tip of his rostrum glistened in the afternoon sun. Looking closely, you can see Loni, our expert skipper, lining up a surface shot of this incredible encounter from the roof of our dive Lees verder

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These Giant Rorschach Paint Blots Are Actually Colored Pencil Drawings

Colored Pencil Drawings Rorschach Blots by Cj Hendry

“Shutter Island”

At first glance, the work of Cj Hendry looks like colorful blobs of oil paint. However, they’re actually colored pencil drawings. The talented artist has been drawing lustrous blobs of paint for years, but her latest series—aptly titled Rorschach—adds a psychological layer to her work.

The colorful series is based on inkblot tests (also known as the Rorschach test). If you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s a method of psychological evaluation whereby subjects’ perceptions of inkblots are analyzed. In the case of Hendry’s work, Lees verder

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15,000 Black Paper Butterflies Swarm the Fondazione Adolfo Pini for Carlos Amorales’s Latest Installation of ‘Black Cloud’

Photographs: Andrea Rossetti

Hoards of black butterflies of various sizes and species cover the grand staircase, mirrors, walls, and doors of the Milan-based Fondazione Adolfo Pini. The dark and vast swarm is a part of the more than 10-year series Black Cloud by Mexican artist Carlos Amorales (previously) as a part of his solo exhibition THE ACCURSED HOUR. The butterflies surround an installation of paper cut-outs from his series Life in the folds, a project of gray-toned human Lees verder

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6 Contemporary Relief Artists Who Put a Modern Spin on This Ancient Art

Relief Sculpture

Interior of Santi Giovanni e Paolo in Venice. “Monument of the Valier.” (Photo: WikimediaCommons (CC BY-SA 4.0))

Relief art is one of the earliest forms of sculpting, with the first records dating back to the cave art of the Upper Paleolithic, around 25,000 BCE. Over the centuries, it remained a popular art form in many cultures, from Ancient Egyptian wall carvings to the sculpted marble and bronze pictorial style of the Italian Renaissance. Today, many contemporary artists continue to practice the age-old sculptural technique, but often with a modern twist.

What is Lees verder

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Forgotten Household Objects Cloaked in Cross-Stitch by Ulla Stina-Wikander

Switzerland-based artist Ulla Stina-Wikander (previously) continues her signature cross-stitched interventions on domestic objects. Items traditionally associated with women’s housekeeping, like electric mixers and sewing machines along with hammers, wrenches, and axes, are cloaked in tightly fitting cross-stitched designs. Stina-Wikander sources the cross-stitch samples from flea markets and vintage stores, and is attracted to their connection with the now-anonymous people who made them. “These embroideries have been made by women and are often seen as kitsch and regarded as pretty worthless,” she states on her website. In using them in Lees verder

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FILTRATE: A Futurist Guerrilla-Style Short Film Shot on an iPhone in Montreal’s Subways

A new short film titled FILTRATE imagines a future completely saturated with technology, where post-human figures interact using rune-like symbols on immersive social media platforms. The film, directed by Mishka Kornai, was created in the public spaces of Montréal’s underground Metro transit system.

The actors in FILTRATE sport futuristic costumes made by Odette Mattha with shimmering tinsel, long strands of party beads, and textured fabrics that match the setting’s architectural details. Mattha’s designs take advantage of the unique feel of different areas of the Metro system: each station was Lees verder

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