Mesmerizing Alphabetical Animations by Mr. Kaplin

Last year for the month of March, motion design studio Mr. Kaplin (previously) released a series of alphabet animations loosely inspired by an object or concept beginning with the featured letter. Reflective “R’s” and planetary “P’s” lie at the center of the graphic short films that imagine the letters as part of continuously looping installations or machines. The project, A Month of Type, was published to the studio’s Instagram, and was also compiled into an alphabetical list of the animations with a soundtrack by <a target="_blank" href="" Lees verder

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VTN Architects Designed a Vietnam Home With the Green Space on the Inside

Images via Vo Trong Nghia Architects / Hiroyuki Oki

Blurring the line between the interior and exterior, Vo Trong Nghia Architects designed and built a three-level residential home in Ho Chi Minh City that is overflowing from within with fiddle leaf fig plants, various palms, and winding vines. Going beyond arrangements of potted house plants, the architects integrated the flora into the physical structure. Corridors, staircases, and rooms are lined with natural dividers that add color, block sunlight, and ventilate the space.

The latest project in the firm’s “House for Trees” Lees verder

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Handcut Paper Models by Seba Naranjo Welcome Dinosaurs Back From Extinction

Images courtesy of Seba Naranjo

Inspired and informed by the work that paleontologists have done over the past few decades, Chile-based artist Seba Naranjo designs and builds 3D paper models of dinosaurs for a project called Khartosauria. Through careful planning, cutting, and folding, he forms fun and expressive sculptures that roam desks and table tops the way their organic counterparts did millions of years ago.

With a background in graphic design and children’s illustration, Naranjo tells Colossal that his fascination with dinosaurs and paper started when he Lees verder

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Curved Lenses Multiply Everyday Views of Paris in a New Mobile Installation by Vincent Leroy

All photographs © Vincent Leroy

Slow Lens is the newest piece from French artist Vincent Leroy, who often explores optics and light in his large-scale installation work. The piece is suspended from above, and a network of curved, translucent lenses distorts the viewer’s perspective. Displayed en plein air, the connected lenses slowly rotate and ofter multiplied visions of the surrounding environment. Leroy installed and documented Slow Lens in various locations around Paris, including in highway lanes that were vacant due to pollution-induced city traffic restrictions.

The artist Lees verder

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This Artist Has Gravity-Defying Sculptures in Public Spaces Around the World

Jerzy Kędziora Polish Sculptor

Polish sculptor Jerzy Kędziora is known for his balancing sculptures that appear in public spaces around the world. From Abu Dhabi to Miami to Krakow, Kędziora is able to string up his magnificent sculptures into athletic poses that defy gravity. His work stems from a diverse range of influences, resulting in a brilliant blend of classical sculpture and kinetic art.

Kędziora spent his time as a university student in Gdańsk, where he witnessed Poland’s turbulent political transformations throughout the 1980s. This first pushed him toward injecting his work with a political and social sensibility. Other indelible memories that Lees verder

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Watch Sliced Fruits and Vegetables Disappear Before Your Eyes in Vibrant Animations by Kevin Parry

Kevin Parry creates stop-motion animations that turn the quotidian task of slicing vegetables and fruit into a near psychedelic exploration of each food’s interiors. Through a common technique called strata-cut, the Toronto-based animator creates videos that slowly peel away the exteriors of peppers, avocados, and onions, revealing patterns we might not notice while preparing a simple stir-fry or stew. Although Parry is used to taking his time perfecting each frame, for this series he had to race against the clock to avoid the organic materials browning or losing their vivacious color. Make Lees verder

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KAWS Floats a Massive Inflatable Sculpture in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour

Photo Credit: @AllRightsReserved

Photo Credit: @AllRightsReserved

COMPANION, a 121-foot-long inflatable sculpture by street artist KAWS, launched today at Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. The reclined, monochrome figure is the largest to date for the American artist, with recent previous iterations of the project installed at the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall in Taipei, Taiwan, and on Seokchon Lake in Seoul, South Korea. The figure was purposefully designed to be in a peaceful repose, its crossed-out eyes gazing at the sky above.

“I was thinking of all the tension in the world, and I wanted Lees verder

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Self-Taught Nature Photographer Alison Pollack Tracks the Fascinating Fungi of Northern California


Stemonitis. All photographs by Alison Pollack

Avid photographer and retired environmental consultant Alison Pollack documents the fascinating phenotypes of mushrooms and slime molds she encounters on hikes in northern California. Her images show shaggy white Comb Tooth fungus (Hericium coralloides), Stemonitis slime molds that wouldn’t look out of place on the dessert menu of an experimental restaurant, and Comatricha that bear a strong resemblance to urban lamp posts. Recently, the north Bay Area-based photographer shared with the Marin Independent Journal that she has had a longtime Lees verder

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A Cherry Blossom-Inspired Torch Will Kick Off the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Yesterday, on the first day of spring, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics torch was revealed to the public at a press conference in the hosting city. The floral design is inspired by Japan’s cherry blossom, a flower celebrated in festivals across the country each March. Designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, the torch features five petal-shaped cylinders that will each contain a flame, and is constructed from aluminum waste from temporary housing built after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The materials and blossom concept are meant to reinforce the upcoming Olympic Torch Relay concept, “Hope lights our way,” delivering a Lees verder

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This Artist Replaces The Characters In Famous Paintings With Pop Culture Characters

Andrea Tamme, a Canadian digital artist known as Lothlenan on social media, used her artistic skills to create a unique project – she took some well-known classical paintings and reimagined their main characters as various pop culture icons!

The artist came up with the idea for this series while studying Thomas Gainsborough’s painting titled ‘Mr. and Mrs. Andrews’. She decided to add a funny twist to the painting by replacing one of the characters with Lemongrab – a hilarious hysterical character from the ‘Adventure Time’ cartoon series. Andrea’s friends instantly fell in love with this idea and the artist eventually turned the whole thing Lees verder

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