‘The Weaving Project’ Invites Visitors to Climb Inside a Massive Installation Formed From Nearly 10,000 Feet of Rope

For this year’s London Fashion Week, British fashion designer Anya Hindmarch collaborated with design collective Numen/For Use (previously) to create an installation that would excavate the playgrounds and play sets of visitors’ distant memories. The Tube, a bright blue structure created from nearly 10,000 feet of rope, was a part of a temporary pop-up in a Soho warehouse called The Weave Project which also included a cafe and store. The structure invited guests to revisit their childhood by climbing within the gigantic meandering structure. This is not the first time Hindmarch has used London Fashion Lees verder

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Crocheted Skeletal Figures Preserved Behind Glass by Caitlin McCormack

Caitlin McCormack (previously here and here) integrates mediums such as cotton string, vintage fabric, beaded objects, and other found materials into small, crocheted skeletons. The textile works are presented as preserved objects like one might find in a curio cabinet. McCormack draws a connection between her skeletal subject matter and the viewer’s interiority, using fitted glass boxes and wooden frames as protection from the exterior world. Her fourth solo exhibition at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia, See You All in Thereopens on February 22 and runs through April 13, 2019. You can see more of Lees verder

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Ethereal Ocean Paintings Celebrate the Tranquil Beauty of the Infinite Sea

Ocean Wave Paintings by Bree Brooks

Artist Bree Brooks celebrates the tranquil beauty of the ocean through her ethereal paintings. Created on canvas, her pictures offer aerial views of large bodies of water often offset by a coastline or boats as they plod along in an infinite abyss. The compositions are overwhelmingly blue, and Brooks pays careful attention to the subtle hue shifts in the tide. Within a single painting, the seas can appear dark and tempestuous when far from the coast while relatively calm as the light blue waves hit the shore. This duality not only provides visual interest but reminds us Lees verder

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A New Book Explores the Wide Range of Charming Homemade Cat Ladders in Switzerland

All photographs © Brigitte Schuster

Switzerland-based graphic designer and writer Brigitte Schuster chronicles the unique phenomenon of outdoor cat ladders in her forthcoming book, Swiss Cat Ladders. Focusing on examples in the city of Bern, Switzerland, Schuster shows how humans facilitate the comings and goings of their feline friends with a wide variety of exterior climbing structures affixed to residential buildings. Ranging from a sleek helix-type structure that’s available readymade, to more homegrown configurations that enlist tree stumps and mailboxes, the presented cat ladders allow these innately independent animals to Lees verder

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How African American Art and Culture Blossomed During the Harlem Renaissance

What was the Harlem Renaissance Art

UNIA parade in Harlem, 1920 (Photo: Wikimedia Commons Public Domain)

In the early 20th century, New York City’s Harlem neighborhood underwent a historic transformation. During what is now described as the Harlem Renaissance, the area thrived as a cultural hub for African Americans, culminating in unprecedented advancements in art, literature, and music.

Though this “golden age” lasted less than 20 years, its legacy has lived on for decades. Because of both its influence on the arts and its impact on modern black culture, the Harlem Renaissance remains one of America’s most important cultural Lees verder

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Shapely Shadows Reimagined as Quirky Illustrations by Vincent Bal

The inspiration for the illustrated works of Belgian filmmaker and illustrator Vincent Bal (previously) come from the shadows cast by everyday objects and detritus from the world around him. Bits of trash and spare items from his home are reimagined as curvy outlines for a cast of characters that range from a young girl in a rainstorm to DJ in his flow. Other items, like a textured glass, create the perfect sun-spotted water for a backyard pool. Bal is currently in production for a live-action film that incorporates his shadow drawings called Shadowology. You can support the Lees verder

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Dozens of Expressive Puppets Encourage Kindness and Acceptance in a Series of Sing-A-Long Short Films

Irish director and animator Johnny Kelly (previously) is known for his puppet-based films, most notably his 2011 piece for Chipotle titled Back to the Start. His most recent project, Right on Tracks, is a series of short sing-a-long videos for Cheerios. Kelly worked with the art collective Nous Vous and Andy Gent, who was also the lead of the puppets department for Isle of Dogs.

The catchy anthems have an inclusive message that focuses on building confidence in yourself while practicing kindness to all. Walter Martin of <a target="_blank" href="http://thewalkmen.com/" target="_blank" Lees verder

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Freediving Champion Guillaume Néry Swims Across Several of the World’s Oceans with One Breath

In the newest film by Guillaume Néry (previously), the world champion free diver swims across the world in one breath, or at least creative editing and camera tricks present the illusion of this great feat. One Breath Around the World follows Néry to the spectacular scenes he explores without a snorkel or air tank, like a variety of underwater caves or a pod of clustered whales. The film is shot by his wife Julie Gautier (previously) who was also free diving as she filmed Néry throughout France, Finland, Mexico, Japan, the Lees verder

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World-Renowned Frieze Art Fair Makes Its Los Angeles Debut on a Movie Set

Frieze Art Fair Los Angeles

The Frieze Art Fair is known for being one of the best places to view and collect contemporary art. Its events are held annually in London (during October) and New York (during May), and Frieze has recently increased its offerings. From February 15 to 17, 2019, the art fair debuted the newest locale: Los Angeles. Held on the Paramount Studios Lot in Hollywood, more than 70 galleries participated in its inaugural show—from global giants like the Gagosian to Los Angeles institutions such as the Kayne Griffin Corcoran.

Architect Kulapat Yantrasast designed a massive tent that Lees verder

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