De typische types die je altijd in musea tegenkomt

Kunst kijken is leuker en makkelijker dan je denkt. Tijdens de Nationale Museumweek is er op Creators extra veel aandacht voor kunst die je – je raadt het al – in het museum kan bekijken. Er zijn werkelijk o-ver-al musea waar veel leuks te beleven is. Je hebt echt geen reden meer om je reet niet linea recta naar het museum te bewegen.

Je hebt de eerste zonnestralen weer op je gezicht gevoeld en moeder natuur giert door je aderen. Je lijf zit vol eropuitdrang en honger naar inspiratie, en daarom bezoek je deze Nationale Museumweek natuurlijk een Lees verder

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11 Cutting-Edge Origami Artists Who Are Masters of Paper Folding

Best Origami Artists

Origami is a years-old practice that many of us did as children—learning how to create folded paper boxes and cranes. But there’s much more to this craft than a child’s past time. This artistic tradition is being used by contemporary artists who are continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with paper.

So, just what is the history of origami and who are these artists using the craft to create cutting edge origami artwork? A compound word, origami is formed from the Japanese words for fold (ori) and paper (kami). It’s not entirely clear when origami was invented, but in the 6th-century, paper was Lees verder

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More Than a Mile of Abstract Neon Lighting Suspended Within Tate Britain

All images © Tate Photography/Joe Humphreys

Suspended from the ceiling of Tate Britain‘s Duveen Galleries is Welsh artist Cerith Wyn Evans‘ latest installation, over a mile of bright neon lighting broken into abstract lines and monumental curves. The piece, Forms in Space… by Light (in Time), changes with perspective, each of the work’s three sections continuously morphing as one walks around the clusters of kinetic energy.

These abstract symbols appear as marked movements in the air, a direct intention by Wyn Evans who was greatly influenced by Japanese Noh theatre and Lees verder

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Create a Stunning Portfolio with Squarespace (Sponsor)

Max Dworkin,

Need to make a website as unique as you, but don’t know where to start? Squarespace provides all the tools you need to create a stunning website or portfolio in minutes, without having to touch a line of code.

Their intuitive, all-in-one platform includes beautifully designed templates, drag-and-drop functionality, social media integration, custom domains, email from G Suite, and personalized support from Squarespace’s award-winning 24/7 customer service.

Squarespace websites look great on any device or screen. Showcase your work using multiple presentations including full-screen, slideshows, lightbox, and more. Just upload high-res images and Lees verder

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Energetic Large-Scale Paintings of Splashing Ocean Waves

paintings of waves vanessa mae ocean art paintings studies of water abstract

With an admiration for the ocean and a penchant for painting, Sydney-based artist Vanessa Mae creates large-scale studies of splashing ocean waves. Using acrylic paint, she creates depictions of waves that are paradoxically both realistic and deeply abstract.

Each of Mae’s larger-than-life paintings of waves is meticulously composed of layer upon layer of paint. As her favorite subject is the ocean, she predominantly works in a range of blended blue pigments. These sea-inspired jewel tones are beautifully accented by the white, green, and brown hues that represent sea foam, aquatic plants, and sand, respectively. Vanessa Mae also employs different techniques in her practice, and describes Lees verder

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This 3D Printed Internally Lit Fantasy Armor Is Every Cosplayer’s Dream

Meet Melissa Ng, a New York-based artist, a founder of the Lumecluster wearable art producers, and a person responsible for this amazing 3D-printed, internally lit, medieval-inspired fantasy body armor. Phew, try saying that in one breath…

To make it happen, she spent around 518 hours on designing this fantasy gear on her computer, before 3D printing the durable plastic frame and enhancing it with LED lights.

Melissa has also listened to the feedback that came after her previous armor designs and made this one so it would have the qualities of an actual medieval armor and its beauty wouldn’t rely so much on the Lees verder

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Art History Masterpieces Reimagined as Hand-Sewn Embroidery

embroidery painting of famous artworks

Over the past few years, embroidery has made a comeback in a major way. For many artists, it’s taken the place of paint—now, they render their imagery in thread rather than with pigment on canvas. But, the tie to fine arts is never fully gone. In fact, artists have translated brush strokes as thread to recreate and celebrate works from art history. They’re now a unique hybrid known as embroidery painting. Here, elements of color theory and shading are incorporated with stitches to build the same depth and form that you’d find in the source painting.

This type of embroidered art Lees verder

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Duizelingwekkende doolhoven vol robots en wilde dieren

Je kunt met gemak verdwalen in de absurde wereld van Theo Guignard. In de tekeningen van de Franse illustrator wandel je rond in een vreemde buitenwijk, bezoek je een dierentuin vol robots of neem je een kijkje in een bijzonder kleurrijke fabriek. Zijn illustraties zitten boordevol details, geometrische vormen en personages die rechtstreeks uit Waar is Wally lijken te komen.

Guignard tekende al voor magazines zoals Usbek & Rica en maakte vorig jaar een korte animatiefilm voor Lyft. In zijn boek Labyrinths uit 2015 ontdekt hij de mysterieuze wereld van sciencefiction en uit Lees verder

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Deze scholieren sprokkelden hun eigen minimuseum bij elkaar

Kunst kijken is leuker en makkelijker dan je denkt. Tijdens de Nationale Museumweek is er op Creators extra veel aandacht voor kunst die je – je raadt het al – in het museum kan bekijken. Er zijn werkelijk o-ver-al musea waar veel leuks te beleven is. Je hebt echt geen reden meer om je reet niet linea recta naar het museum te bewegen.

Interesse bij jongeren voor musea loopt terug,’ luidde een krantenkop van de Volkskrant in 1997. ‘Ook als het museum seks toont blijven jongeren weg‘, vermeldde Trouw, want ‘Naar het Lees verder

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Wardrobe Snacks: Thoughtfully Composed Outfits that Perfectly Match Different Foods

As part of a fantastic collaborative project between photographer Kelsey McClellan and prop/set stylist Michelle Maguire, the duo conceived of wardrobes that would perfectly match various foods. Titled Wardrobe Snacks, the series draws inspiration from the color, texture, or design of simple foods like a green ice cream cone, a plain yellow donut, or even an oyster and finds the uncannily matched outfit. You can see the full series here. (via artnau, This Isn’t Happiness)

<img src="" alt="" width="1000" height="1500" class="alignnone Lees verder

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