Courses Begin June 3 at the School of Visual Arts Division of Continuing Education

Photo: Shweta Bist

From one-day workshops to semester-long courses, take the opportunity to immerse yourself and be inspired. If you need advice or have questions, our information sessions begin Wednesday, May 8th. Visit for details.

Courses are available in:
Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects
Fine Arts
Illustration and Cartooning
Interior Design
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Curiosity and Isolation Take Center Stage in Karen Jerzyk’s Lonely Astronaut Series

Photographer Karen Jerzyk explores themes of loneliness and isolation through her ongoing series, The Lonely Astronaut. Sparked by her purchase of an authentic vintage high-altitude space suit in 2017, Jerzyk has been traveling the world taking photos of women in the suit. Each subject is alone, placed in a deserted yet evocative environment, from an abandoned theater to an old-fashioned bedroom. In some scenes, the astronaut engages with their surroundings—reading a book or talking on the phone—where in others, the character stands apart from the world they inhabit.

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Street Artists Transform an Ordinary Building into a Spectacular Bookcase

Street Art Illusion in Utrecht by Jan Is De Man

Known for his incredible street art illusions, Jan Is De Man has created a charming mural in Utrecht that’s bringing together the community. In collaboration with graffiti writer and tattoo artist Deef Feed, he transformed the anonymous facade of a building into a marvelous bookcase. And the best part is that all the literary works featured were suggested by local residents.

The project began thanks to friends of Is De Man’s, who live in the building. They’d been asking him to create a mural on their building for quite some time, but his original idea Lees verder

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Artist Illustrates Funny and Heartwarming Daily Moments of His Wife’s Pregnancy

Relationship Comics Maya's Pregnancy by Yehuda Devir

“We’re pregnant!!!!”

For several years now, Tel-Aviv-based illustrator Yehuda Devir and his wife Maya have been sharing their life through art. Yehuda’s charming ongoing comic series, One of Those Days, has allowed fans to follow the long-term couple’s ups, downs, and hilarious everyday moments. Earlier this year, we shared the artist’s illustrated year-long journey to conceiving a baby. Yehuda’s most recent drawings document their exciting new adventure—Maya’s pregnancy!

From struggling to conceive to moving house while pregnant, Yehuda and Maya have been through their fair share of challenges recently. However, Lees verder

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Muralist Kitt Bennett Paints Pavement With Sprawling Giants

All images via Kitt Bennett

From parking lots to skate parks, Melbourne-based artist Kitt Bennett paints large illustrative murals on an unconventional surface: the ground. The almost literal “street” art is best seen from a bird’s eye view and features people, objects, and skeletons that contort around their respective spaces as if they fell from the sky.

Bennett’s murals are painted much like the walls of a house. The artist uses large buckets of paint and rollers to cover the large areas and adds shading, highlights, and outlines to create the Lees verder

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Buggin’ Out: New DIY Insect Stamp Kits

Sorry to bug you, but we wanted to let you know about these just-released stamp kits from Princeton Architectural Press. Each kit contains ink pads and 25 stamps, ranging from wings and limbs to antennae and abdomens, designed by Hamburg-based illustrator Barbara Dziadosz. Use the component parts to form your favorite critter, or invent an entirely new one. See some examples below to spark your insect imagination, and find the DIY Bug Stamp Kit in The Colossal Shop!

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Artist Reimagines David Bowie Songs as Old Pulp Fiction Book Covers

David Bowie Pulp Fiction Book Covers by Todd Alcott

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When LA-based screenwriter Todd Alcott isn’t writing for feature films, he’s working on his artistic side project. He merges his love of pulp fiction with music to create David Bowie-inspired vintage comic book covers.

Alcott uses pre-existing vintage paperbacks as his starting point, before digitally altering the text and parts of the image to create his mashup prints. These once loved, now tattered Lees verder

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Interactive Beams of Light Examine Movements of the Human Body During Milan Design Week

All images by David Zanardi

Ergonomic design company Humanscale analyzes the structure of the human body to create health-conscious furniture that eases tension during long office hours. For this year’s Milan Design Week the company invited collaborator Todd Bracher to design an interactive installation that would speak to how our bodies operate in space. The piece, appropriately titled Bodies in Motion, mirrors the movements of its guests with 15 spotlights that swirl in tandem with users’ limbs.

The work is a reinterpretation of the original scientific method Lees verder

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A Paper Camera Comprised of Complementary Colors Includes Interchangeable Lenses and a Removable Flash

Seoul-based design studio DOTMOT has constructed a faux camera composed of a graphic array of blue and orange paper. The model might not be able to capture images, but the sturdy imitation has a few of the same basic functions of an operational camera, including interchangeable wide angle and telephoto lenses and a detachable flash. Take a look behind the scenes of the camera’s construction in the video below, and learn more about the creative studio’s other projects on their website and Instagram.

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Stationery Office Gets Giant Fire-Breathing Dragon Made of Paper for ‘Game of Thrones’ Premiere

Game of Thrones Inspired Dragon Art

If you’ve been keeping up with HBO’s series Game of Thrones over the past seven seasons, you know that winter is finally here. The eighth and final season begins on April 14, 2019, and people around the world are celebrating its return. Office stationery suppliers Viking Direct have gone well beyond your standard viewing party and are instead playing hosts to a giant dragon art piece inspired by the show. The freestanding, fire-breathing beast comprises 1,200 sheets of A4-sized paper and measures an incredible 43 feet long with a wingspan of nearly 20 feet.

The Viking management worked Lees verder

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