Artist Turns Old Silverware into Blooming Flower Bouquets

ann carrington utensil bouquets silveware art sculpture flowers

Using standard silverware, British artist Ann Carrington creatively crafts realistic floral arrangements that overflow with blossoming botanicals. Though made entirely of metal, each utensil bouquet appears to bloom before your eyes, breathing new life into otherwise unwanted and unimaginative household tools.

Through careful crafting and with ample patience, Carrington turns the aged flatware and other kitchen tools into beautiful bunches of flowers. In each unbelievable utensil bouquet, spoons’ bowls become budding bulbs and rosettes; the layered prongs of forks turn into delicate, thin petals; and knives and handles represent clusters of leaves. Modeled after real-life floral arrangements, each display is creatively presented in a pot or vase, Lees verder

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A Stop Motion Examination of Endless Loading Screens

Director Rafael Vangelis transforms the unbearable task of watching an endlessly spinning wheel or loading bar into an entertaining and analogue study of self-produced loading mechanisms in his latest short film Analogue Loaders. Using stop motion techniques and traditional animation he turns clay, wood, 3D-printed objects, and even eggs into 3D loaders, dazzling the eye rather than enraging the mind.

Vangelis considers the short film an animated autobiography, as he spends a great chunk of his own life watching projects slowly load and computers crash. “The result,” says Vangelis, “is an homage to all the lost time we Lees verder

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Analoge laadschermen waar je eeuwig op wil wachten

Het duurt misschien vijf seconden, maar het voelt aan als een eeuwigheid. Kunstenaar Raphael Vangelis rekent af met de ergerlijke icoontjes die nooit precies aanduiden hoe lang je computer moet laden, door ze een ambachtelijke en analoge draai te geven.

De animator uit Londen bracht deze week Analogue Loaders uit, een hypnotiserende stop-motionfilm van computerverbindingen die gemaakt worden, compleet in DIY-stijl. Hij ontwierp elke reeks met speciale software en creëerde met een 3D-printer kleurrijke laadbalken, wieltjes en iconen gebaseerd op zijn meest gebruikte programma’s en websites. Om de reeksen te animeren en het gevoel te geven dat de Lees verder

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An Immersive Forest of 60,000 Rainbow Numbers by Emmanuelle Moureaux

In celebration of The National Art Center of Tokyo‘s 10th anniversary, French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux was commissioned to fill the institution’s 6500 square foot exhibition space with her vision of the decade to come. Unsurprisingly, Moureaux, whose practice often involves layering color within space, decided to transform the white cube into a rainbow forest filled with more than 60,000 multi-colored numbers arranged in three dimensional grids.

The installation, Forest of Numbers, is composed of 10 layers, each to represent the next 10 years. Figures 0 through 9 create the 4 digits needed for each year. The Lees verder

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375,000 Pieces Of Classic Art Made Available For Free By Met Museum

New York City’s famous Metropolitan Museum of Art has announced that 375,000 art pieces out of their immense collection are now available for everyone to use free of charge and without restrictions.

It’s a continuation of the 2014 initiative Open Access, which allows anyone to access and use images for “any purpose, including commercial and noncommercial use, free of charge and without requiring permission from the Museum.” You’ll find anything from famous works by Vincent van Gogh to thousands of years old sculptures.

This project is a collaboration with the Creative Commons, a non-profit that promotes legal sharing and distribution of information, ideas, and images through free copyright Lees verder

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15 Artists Reveal Their Sketchbooks And They Look Like Pocket Art Galleries

Even in this highly digitized world, the stereotype of an artist always carrying a sketchbook around is still very much alive. And then there are creatives who take the doodles in their journal to the next level, making their sketchbooks into handheld art exhibitions.

Most of the creative types would tell you that their journals are way more personal that the finished result one sees in the exhibitions. See, a sketchbook for an artist is like a visual diary of sorts, where they get to freely express themselves. Or simply document the things that inspire them throughout the day.

If you get Lees verder

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