Solitary Worlds Explored in New Psychological Drawings by Stefan Zsaitsits


Solitary protagonists investigate, embrace, or hide from emotions in evocative new drawings by Stefan Zsaitsits. The Austrian artist (previously) depicts individuals in situations that balance relatable everyday moments with surreal twists. Sitting at a dining table, one subject snorkels into the tablecloth, while another inexplicably emerges on a ladder from the seat of a chair. Zsaitsits works in pencil on paper, using crosshatching for shading and white-penciled details for subtle emphasis.

The artist shares with Colossal that, following his participation in Drawing Lees verder

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A 3D-Printed Press Brings Printmaking to the People

Last year, Martin Schneider rolled out the Open Press Project, which provided printing plans for the world’s first fully functional 3D-printed printmaking press, and was downloaded by more than 12,000 people. As a follow-up to that successful open-source endeavor, Schneider is offerings folks who don’t have their own 3-D-printing abilities the option to get a press through a new Kickstarter campaign. Traditionally, printing presses are prohibitively expensive and extremely heavy. Schneider has managed costs in part by shrinking the press down to a 5.7 by 2.95 inch printing area, but includes the Lees verder

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Sculptor “Unzips” a Building in Milan for Mind-Bending Art Installation

Alex Chinneck Installation in Milan

British sculptor Alex Chinneck has brought his mind-bending illusions to Italy with an incredible installation in Milan. Concurrently with Milan Design Week, Chinneck has literally unzipped the facade of a building in the city in what he calls the most ambitious work he’s ever made. In addition to the incredible exterior, the building’s interior is also filled with several installations that carry through the zipper theme, making for a cohesive and immersive experience.

In collaboration with Philip Morris’ IQOS brand, Chinneck worked to playfully transform the building’s architecture. Using the chunky masonry that is typical of Italian architecture, Lees verder

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27 Retro Illustrations Say “Hello” to What the EU Will Look Like After Brexit

Poster Illustrating European Union Countries


With the UK’s imminent exit from the European Union on the horizon, British illustrators and designers Stanley Chow and Dave Sedgwick came together to pay tribute to the remaining members of the EU. The result is Hello Europe, a set of 27 beautifully illustrated prints that capture the spirit of each country. This love letter from the two pro-Europe Brits is their way to collaborate on a project they feel passionate about.

Each print has a vintage feel to the typography and illustration, as Chow and Lees verder

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Intricate Tessellations Expand and Contract in New Folded Paper Works by Ekaterina Lukasheva

San Francisco-based paper artist Ekaterina Lukasheva (previously) makes dazzling tessellations seem like child’s play, effortlessly folding complex designs from matte and iridescent paper. The beautiful works have a double presentation, as they each work as expanded and contracted forms. Lukasheva has published several books on her DIY paper works, including her most recent Floral Origami: From Begin er to Advanced: 30 Delicious Origami Flowers and Balls for Home Decoration.  You can see more of her folded paper masterpieces in motion on Instagram.

<blockquote class="instagram-media" style="background: #FFF;border: Lees verder

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A Group of Powerful Telescopes Captures the First-Ever Image of a Black Hole

Image © Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration et al.

The first-ever recorded image of a black hole has just been released—and it doesn’t look like you might think. Though one might guess that a picture of a black hole would be not much to look at, the image shows a glowing reddish-orange ring that almost pulsates under the viewer’s gaze. This landmark visual was created using the power of the Event Horizon Telescope. As of today, the group of eight Earth-based radio telescopes has successfully captured and documented the first-ever direct Lees verder

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New Three Dimensional Narratives Composed from Discarded Books

UK-based book sculptor Emma Taylor sources old books from charity and antique shops and gives them a second story. Taylor uses simple materials—just glue, paper, and scissors—to sculpt architectural facades, lively animals, and leafy trees from otherwise unused titles. Each scene is inspired by the book’s written content, with a garden scene emerging from An Introduction to Botany and Italian houses built out of The Story of Venice. The artist shares on her website that she has been carving and sculpting books for several years, and has exhibited her creations in Cambridge, London, and Hong Kong. Lees verder

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Artist Freezes Vintage Dresses into an Enchanting Bouquet of Icy Flowers

Frozen Dress Bouquet Nicole Dextras Dress Bouquet

British Columbia-based artist Nicole Dextras creates eye-catching installations with an icy twist. Exploring thought-provoking themes like environmentalism and ephemerality, Dextras has crafted a collection of Frozen Textiles that transform ordinary garments into hanging icicles, blocks of ice, and even a larger-than-life Bouquet.

Equally inspired by science fiction and fanciful folklore, this ethereal Bouquet installation captures Dextras’ interest in reimagining nature. Relying on nothing more than a spray bottle full of water and Alberta’s frigid temperatures, Dextras froze a selection of 15 dresses from the 1940s and 1950s. Over the course of several days, ice began to cloak each Lees verder

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Hyperrealist Rorschach “Paint” Blots Rendered in Colored Pencil by CJ Hendry

Artist CJ Hendry (previously) rocketed to fame in 2017 with her unbelievably realistic colored pencil drawings of daubs of paint. For her upcoming solo show, which opens on April 10 in Brooklyn, the artist continues in her signature style, focusing on precisely rendering the imprecise nature of Rorschach blots. Each drawing by Hendry balances hyperrealism with abstraction and depicts a vibrant mirror image of a mix of squished paint, recreated in colored pencil.

The show is housed in an all-white inflatable bounce house, a playful nod to the test’s origins as Lees verder

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Build Your Own Robotic Cat with An Open Source Kit by Petoi

Try your hand at robotics with Nybble, a programmable cat that walks, bats its paws, and even regains its balance after a jump from a tall surface. The cat is the brainchild of RongzhongLi of Petoi, who built the feline robot on an open source platform that runs on an Arduino micro-controller, and funded the project on Indiegogo. A wooden puzzle forms the cat’s basic frame, while a small computer imbedded in its torso directs its movements. Instructional videos for how to Lees verder

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