This Couple Hired a Robot Photographer for Their Wedding Day

Eva the Robot Photographer

Almost every couple hires a photographer to capture precious moments during their wedding day, but not everyone employs a robot as well. For their April 7, 2019 wedding, English couple Gary and Megan hired Eva the Robot Photographer—a 5-foot-tall android created by England-based Service Robots that’s designed to take guests’ portraits. This was Eva’s first wedding job, and it likely won’t be her last.

Service Robots, which launched in February 2019, cleverly designed Eva to freely move around in a pre-mapped space using infrared sensors. By using facial recognition to “latch onto” guests, Eva is able to Lees verder

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NVIDIA’s AI App Can Transform Simple Doodles into Spectacular Landscapes

GauGAN - NVIDIA Landscapes Using AI

Researchers at NVIDIA have already developed AI technology that can generate photos of fake people, and now they’re taking things a step further. Continuing their exploration of what’s possible using generative adversarial networks, or GANs, they created a program that can turn a simple doodle into a beautiful landscape “photograph.”

With a few clicks and drags in an app that looks like MS Paint, anyone can create a scheme that is then translated into a startlingly realistic landscape. NVIDIA’s deep learning model takes the basic sketch and uses an algorithm to create a photorealistic masterpiece Lees verder

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Interview: Before and After Photos of Teens Asked to Edit Their Selfies for Social Media

Teenage Facetune Selfie Experiment

In this day and age, who hasn’t given their selfie a virtual nip and tuck before posting? We live in a world where sharing your photos online is commonplace and where technology has made it easier than ever to adjust your appearance. But at what cost? British photographer Rankin set about finding some answers in his new series Selfie Harm.

Rankin found 15 teenagers who don’t regularly use photo editing apps and took simple, natural portraits of them. After a quick lesson on how to use basic editing apps on their phones, they were asked to filter their Lees verder

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New App Makes It Easy to Set Up an Online Shop and Sell Your Creative Products

HausMart Peer to Peer Retail Shopping

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Have you ever wished that there was an easier way to sell your artwork or handicrafts without having to go through the gallery system or sign up for a complicated e-commerce system? Though the world is filled with platforms that make it easier to share our homes, handicrafts, and even rides to work, it’s not quite as simple for the average person to replicate the retail experience—until now. Lees verder

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Ingenious Weather Poster Uses “Smart Ink” to Give Real-Time Weather Updates

The Typified Weather Poster Smart Poster Smart Ink Weather Poster

Contemporary design has been transformed by smart technology. From tiny planters to entire cities, “self-monitoring” models are celebrated for both their connectivity and convenience. Taking this trend to new heights, design studio Typified has created a work of wall art that doubles as a live weather forecast.

Promising that you’ll “never forget to check the weather again,” the Typified Weather Poster is a state-of-the-art way to monitor your local meteorology. Each poster is outfitted with a tiny computer and printed with smart ink, a responsive medium that changes color when prompted by Lees verder

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This Website Uses AI Technology to Generate Faces That Aren’t Real

Fake Photo by This Person Does Not Exist

The above photos may look like your average portraits or photo ID pictures, but there’s much more than meets the eye. Using new advances in AI developed by researchers at NVIDIA, software engineer Phillip Wang created the website This Person Does Not Exist. That’s correct—none of the “people” pictured are real.

Wang, who posted his work in the Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning Facebook group, created the website to raise awareness about the technology. “Faces are most salient Lees verder

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Sony Unveils Compact Mirrorless Camera with Incredible Real-Time Autofocus

Sony a6400 Mirrorless Camera

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Sony continues to tighten its grip as a leader in the mirrorless camera market with the release of the a6400. In an exciting move, they’ve brought most of the technology from their acclaimed full-frame models to this new, compact version. Built with lightning-fast autofocus—Sony claims it’s the world’s fastest—and incredible subject tracking capabilities, the a6400 is a dream for Lees verder

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Lexar Introduces World’s First 1TB SDXC Memory Card

Lexar 1TB Memory Card

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Lexar is banking on bigger being better with its newly announced 1TB SDXC memory card. This is great news for photographers and filmmakers looking for a professional memory card that will grant them increased storage and less fumbling with multiple cards. Though other companies have announced memory cards this big, Lexar is the first to actually have one hit the shelves.

With a read speed of Lees verder

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Cafe Pops Up in Tokyo with Robot Servers Operated by Paralyzed People

Over the last few years, several strides have been made in the realm of robotics. From smart planters to submersible drones, these innovations are designed to make life easier for their operators. This intention is particularly true at Dawn ver.β, a pop-up cafe staffed by automatons that offer agency to “those who have difficulty working.”

Developed by Kentaro Yoshifuji—the CEO of Ory Laboratories—the OriHime-D is a server that relies on remote control. What sets this four-foot-tall bot apart from other robo-waiters, however, is the fact that it is operated purely by Lees verder

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