Google’s New Night Sight Lets You Take Photos in Virtual Darkness

Google Night Sight Comparison

Left: iPhone XS. Right: Pixel 3 Night Sight.

For most of us, our go-to camera is the one built into our smartphone. While technological improvements mean that these cameras can take stunning, near-professional quality photographs there’s one situation where they tend to underperform—low light. Now Google is changing that with Night Sight, a new functionality rolled out on the Pixel Camera app that allows for incredible low light photos without flash.

Night Sight works on all three generations of Pixel phones and leverages HDR+ technology to ensure clear, crisp photos in any lighting situation. While many Lees verder

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New iPad Pro Is Apple’s Most Advanced, Powerful Tablet Ever

New Apple iPad Pro

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Apple has announced what they’re calling “the most advanced, powerful iPad ever.” The new iPad Pro, which comes in 11-inch and 12.9-inch models, is packed with new and improved features that will delight creatives. With these enhancements, the iPad Pro becomes even more useful for photographers, designers, and artists looking for a portable tablet with big capabilities.

Its Liquid Retina display goes right to the edges, Lees verder

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Guy Invents an Instax Drone Camera That Takes Instant Aerial Photos

Fujifilm Instax Drone Camera by Trent Siggard

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, drone photography continues to soar in popularly. Photographers and videographers are now able to capture breathtaking aerial views that were once only possible using a helicopter or airplane. However, while some photographers opt for ultra-modern HD cameras, some still hold a special place in their hearts for the old-school aesthetic of instant photography. Using his five years of experience in the industry, drone pilot Trent Siggard decided to explore the idea of combining both new and old technology by building a custom drone that carries a Fujifilm Instant Camera.

“With the Lees verder

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Polaroid’s Latest Instant Camera Uses New Technology to Unlock Creative Features

Polaroid OneStep+ Instant Camera

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Building on the success of its first new camera release in a decade, Polaroid Originals has added a new model to its family of analog cameras. The Polaroid OneStep+ is an instant analog camera that takes advantage of digital technology to create surprising effects.

Inspired by the classic 1977 OneStep, this enhanced model has two lenses that allow you to toggle between standard Lees verder

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The iPad Is Finally Getting a Full Version of Photoshop

Full Photoshop for iPad

Photo: YouTube

Photo editing and graphic design on the go are about the get a lot easier for Apple users. Adobe has just confirmed that it’s finally bringing Photoshop CC—a fully functional version of the photo editing software—to iPads in early 2019. This means that Photoshop users will get an uncompromised version of the beloved program that they can use as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

The company unveiled the news at their annual MAX conference in Los Angeles, sharing the backstory behind the innovation. It all started when two Photoshop Lees verder

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ZEISS Unveils Its First Full-Frame Camera Integrated With Lightroom for Easy Editing

ZEISS ZX1 Mirrorless Full Frame Camera

ZEISS, a well respected German manufacturer of optical systems and medical devices, has announced a camera concept that is an intriguing entry into the mirrorless camera field. Developed in-house, the ZEISS ZX1 is a mirrorless full-frame camera that integrates Adobe Lightroom for seamless editing in camera.

The 37.4-megapixel sensor is paired with an integrated ZEISS Distagon 35 mm f/2 T for high-quality optics. The end product allows for the incredible image quality that ZEISS is known for with the ease of using a smartphone. And while it’s unfortunate that the lens can’t be switched out, the ZX1 more Lees verder

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This Is the First Waterproof Drone to Fly in the Air and Submerge in Water

Spry Waterproof Drone

Designed to be waterproof and buoyant, the Spry is a breakthrough in drone technology. This waterproof drone and its water-resistant remote control is the culmination of two years of prototyping by SwellUSA and Urban Drones. And now, their final push on Kickstarter is causing a sensation.

Spry blew past its initial goal in just 45 minutes, earning over six times more than its funding target. Just what makes the Spry so coveted? Marketed as a drone that the action sports community will love, the Spry “can submerge like a submarine, float and Lees verder

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Architects Unveil Designs for Europe’s Network of Hyperloop Stations

UNStudio Hyperloop Station

Photo: Plompmozes

Hot off the heels of winning a commission for Melbourne’s $1.4 billion Southbank skyscraper, Dutch architecture firm UNStudio has unveiled designs for a new transportation hub that takes advantage of cutting-edge technology. Pairing with technology firm Hardt, UNStudio has designed a modular station that will be the center of a new European hyperloop system.

Hyperloop technology is a solar-powered system that could allow passengers to travel at ultra-high speeds over land, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to flying. Lees verder

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Canon Introduces Its First Mirrorless Full-Frame Camera — EOS R

Canon EOS R - Mirrorless, Full Frame Camera

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At long last, Canon has thrown its hat in the ring when it comes to mirrorless, full-frame cameras. On the heels of Nikon’s announcement regarding their new Z series system, Canon released information on the EOS R. This mirrorless, full-frame camera will hit the market in October, along with four RF lenses and mount adaptors, for a system that Lees verder

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DJI Unveils Upgraded Mavic 2 Drones With the Power of a “DSLR in the Sky”

DJI Mavic 2 Drones

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The leader in drone technology, DJI, has unveiled not one, but two new models. As follow-ups to their popular Mavic Pro drone camera, the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom are serious improvements to their predecessor. Drone photographers and videographers will like what they see, as DJI has listened to consumers who asked for “a drone that feels Lees verder

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