Disney’s “Frozen” Inspired New Attempt to Find Dark Matter

Do You Wanna Build a Snowball Chamber?

It’s not often that physicists take inspiration from Disney musicals when designing new experiments, but a team hell-bent on detecting dark matter says it did just that.

To find dark matter — that’s the elusive, invisible stuff that makes up most of the matter in the universe — scientists have built gigantic apparatuses, probed deep underground, and tiny floating beads. Now, apparently, they’re turning to kids’ movies as well.

Matthew Szydagis, a researcher at SUNY Albany, was compelled to investigate the properties of supercooled water after watching YouTube videos of people playing around with it, according to Lees verder

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Harvard Physicist: Wormhole Travel Is Possible, but It’s Not Fast

A Harvard physicist has proven that wormhole travel is possible, but rather than being a shortcut, it'd be a longer path between two points in space.

Scenic Route

The idea of wormholes — tunnel-like bridges connecting two points in space-time — has been around for decades, with many speculating that wormholes could enable interstellar or even intergalactic travel.

Now, Harvard physicist Daniel Jafferis has a dose of good news and bad news for fans of the sci-fi staple: wormholes exist, but they’re unlikely to serve as galactic shortcuts.

“It takes longer to get through these wormholes than to go directly, so they are not very useful for space travel,” Jafferis said in a news release.

Wrinkle in Time

On Saturday, Jafferis presented a new Lees verder

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Elon Musk Suggests Adding “Dragon Wings” to Starship

Dragon Wings

Sometimes, it’s easy to tell if space travel visionary and meme reviewer Elon Musk is joking on Twitter. Other times, not so much.

Just before the return of HBO’s mega-hit “Game of Thrones,” Musk tweeted that he was “thinking about adding giant stainless steel dragon wings to Starship” that could allow his eventually-Mars-bound spacecraft to keep cool during re-entry. “Starship will land on a ring of fire,” he added later.

China’s Rolling Out Dedicated Highway Lanes for Self-Driving Cars

China is building new highways with dedicated self-driving car lanes to help usher in widespread autonomous technology. The first will be done next year.

Keep Left

In a bid to lead the race to fully-autonomous vehicles, China is building highways with dedicated lanes for self-driving cars.

A new 62-mile stretch of freeway will have two lanes dedicated to autonomous vehicles (AVs), according to FutureCar. The idea is that the infrastructure investment will give AVs access to real-world traffic conditions — but also that the separate lanes will ensure that the still-limited AV tech is tested in a way that minimizes risk for human drivers.

Laying The Groundwork

The new highway, expected to be one of many, will run between Beijing and the Xiongan New Area in the Hebei province, FutureCar reports.

The Lees verder

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The M87 Black Hole Now Has an Epic Name

A language professor created the black hole's name, Pōwehi, by combining two words from an 18th-century Hawaiian chant called the Kumulipo.


We can now call the black hole at the center of the M87 galaxy something far cooler than “the black hole at the center of the M87 galaxy.”

On April 10, the team behind the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) released the first image of a black hole’s event horizon. But before making the discovery public, they tasked Larry Kimura, a Hawaiian language professor at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, with naming the black hole.

For that, he turned to an 18th-century Hawaiian chant called the Kumulipo, combining two words in it — “po” and “wehi” — to create the black Lees verder

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Researchers Create First Ever 3D-Printed Heart Using Human Tissue

Small Heart

In what the Israeli media is calling a “world’s first,” scientists at Tel Aviv University have 3D printed a small heart using human tissue that includes vessels, collagen, and biological molecules — a breakthrough, according to Haaretz, that they hope could one day render organ donation obsolete.

Rodent Model

The technology is still many years out from human transplants, though — the team’s rodent-sized printed heart isn’t quite there yet.

“The cells need to form a pumping ability; they can currently contract, but we need them to work together,” lead scientist Tal Dvir told Haaretz. “This is the first time anyone anywhere has successfully engineered and printed Lees verder

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Pepsi Plans to Project a Giant Ad in the Night Sky Using Cubesats

PepsiCo says it's struck a deal with a Russian startup called StartRocket to display an enormous energy drink advertisement in the night sky.

Orbital Billboard

A Russian company called StartRocket says it’s going to launch a cluster of cubesats into space that will act as an “orbital billboard,” projecting enormous advertisements into the night sky like artificial constellations. And its first client, it says, will be PepsiCo — which will use the system to promote a “campaign against stereotypes and unjustified prejudices against gamers” on behalf of an energy drink called Adrenaline Rush.

Yeah, the project sounds like an elaborate prank. But Russian PepsiCo spokesperson Olga Mangova confirmed to Futurism that the collaboration is real.

“We believe in StartRocket potential,” she wrote in an email. “Orbital billboards are Lees verder

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Presidential Hopeful Andrew Yang Plans to Campaign Via Hologram

Andrew Yang envisioned as a hologram

Hologram for the People

The 2020 race for the White House is already teeming with drama and intrigued, as happens when there are 20 — and possibly more — candidates.

Each is looking to stake a claim and make their mark. But with many states to campaign in, and little time to do so, how can politicians be in more than one place at a time? Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has an idea: stump speech via hologram.

Beam me up

Yang — a recently confirmed Futurism fan — is no stranger to new ideas, considering his signature campaign promise of a guaranteed universal basic income program.

On Wednesday, Lees verder

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Hidden Messages Suggest That Facebook Sees User Privacy as a Joke

Facebook-owned virtual reality company Oculus just shipped tens of thousands of Touch controllers bearing hidden messages.

Ha Ha Ha

Facebook-owned virtual reality company Oculus just shipped tens of thousands of Touch controllers bearing hidden messages — which suggest the company thinks user privacy is a laughing matter.

On Friday, Oculus executive Nate Mitchell shared a series of tweets noting that “Easter egg” labels meant for prototypes of the controllers made it into consumer units. Other labels, also meant for prototypes, shipped with developer kits.

NASA Asks SpaceX to Help It Save Earth From Incoming Asteroids

SpaceX will provide launch services for NASA's DART mission, which is designed to test a plan for preventing an asteroid from hitting Earth.

Space Besties

NASA has a plan to defend Earth from an incoming asteroid — and it’s now tapped SpaceX to help carry it out.

On Friday, NASA announced that it had selected Elon Musk’s SpaceX to provide launch services for its $69 million Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission — adding to the ever-growing list of collaborations between the two entities.

Collision Course

NASA’s DART mission will launch aboard a Falcon 9 rocket in California in June 2021. The goal is to smash a satellite into the Didymos asteroid’s small moon in October 2022.

If all goes according to plan, the Lees verder

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