Medieval Medical Texts Could Be the Key to Discovering New Antibiotics

For a long time, medieval medicine has been dismissed as irrelevant. This time period is popularly referred to as the “Dark Ages,” which erroneously suggests that it was unenlightened by science or reason. However, some medievalists and scientists are now looking back to history for clues to inform the search for new antibiotics.

The evolution of antibiotic-resistant microbes means that it is always necessary to find new drugs to battle microbes that are no longer treatable with current antibiotics. But progress in finding new antibiotics is slow. The drug discovery pipeline is currently stalled. An estimated 700,000 people around Lees verder

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Apple Is About to Take a Leap into the World of Self-Driving Cars

Apple recently obtained a permit to begin testing autonomous vehicles. For some, this will confirm long suspected beliefs that Apple has been getting into the transportation game. While nothing is yet confirmed, this can only support the idea that autonomous vehicles are here and here to stay.

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The Next Version of the Apple Watch Will Be Able to Track Your Blood Sugar

Apple initially struggled to sell the Apple Watch. It took a while before the tech giant finally revealed their smartwatch’s sales numbers. Now, however, it’s already become the world’s most popular wearable. Soon, it may also be real life-changer.

According to a report by CNBC, CEO Tim Cook was seen around the Apple campus wearing a version of the smartwatch with a glucose or blood sugar monitor attached to it. This prototype could be incorporated into the Apple Watch itself, potentially becoming a non-invasive way for checking blood sugar. Cook himself mentioned during Lees verder

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California Grid Smashes Record, Gets 67% of Energy From Renewables

This Is the Future of Energy. Check out the World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm

California Leading The Way

On May 13, 2017, California smashed through another renewable energy milestone as its largest grid, controlled by the California Independent System Operator (CISO), got 67.2% of its energy from renewables — not including hydropower or rooftop solar arrays. Adding hydropower facilities into the mix, the total was 80.7%. Sunny days with plenty of wind along with full reservoirs and growing numbers of solar facilities were the principal factors in breaking the record. The CISO controls 80% of the state’s power grid.

These are also the reasons why experts believe 2017 will continue to be a Lees verder

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How Will We Keep Our Thoughts Private in the Age of Mind-Reading Tech?

The Evolution of Brain-Computer Interfaces [INFOGRAPHIC]

What is an EEG, and what have studies concerning its security found?

Two new studies by the University of Alabama and the University of Washington have revealed the malicious possibilities lurking in the shadows of impressive promises of brain-computer interface (BCI) developers: the ability to access PINs and other private information.

Electroencephalograms (EEG) are tests that detect electrical activity in your brain using a skullcap studded with electrodes. This technology has been used in the medical sector for years — for example, to diagnose schizophrenia as far back as 1998. However it is now due to be used for far more commercial Lees verder

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Teleportation Could Be Possible Using Quantum Physics

In the video below, minutephysics explain how teleportation could be theoretically possible using quantum physics. Quantum teleportation uses quantum entanglement — a situation where one set of particles is dependent on the state of another. In principle, if scientists create specific sets of particles that are capable of being rearranged into whatever they wish to teleport, they can send partial information about one end of the entanglement — encoded as a quantum state — and thereby produce it in the other end. As an analogy: imagine taking a scan of what you want to transport, sending it to the other Lees verder

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Human Intelligence Is Limited. That’s Why We Need Synthetic Intelligence.


Three times a day I take a drug called levodopa. I take it because my brain does not produce enough dopamine; without it, my hands and feet shake and I have difficulty getting my body to do what I want it to do. These are symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and mean that many of my dopamine producing neurons have died. But, thanks to levodopa, I can feed my brain synthetic dopamine.

It is an incredible little drug that we discovered to be naturally produced in the broad bean plant, pictured here. (The fact that nature makes in this plant the exact molecule Lees verder

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How Close Are We Really to Flying Cars?

*2* How Close Are we Really to Flying Cars?

Flying Cars? Really?

Flying cars have been a fixture of science fiction for just about as long as it’s been an understood and practiced genre. Vehicles that can gracefully swoop around each other above our heads have, for so long, been out of reach, but more people than ever are currently working on seemingly plausible models of real-life flying cars.

So, let’s take a tour of our progress on the path to the flying car, starting with its earliest iterations. The team over at Part Catalog has helped us out by providing the gifs below.

Flying Car Hybrids

These vehicles, especially in the earlier Lees verder

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Soon, Tech Could Make Cash and Credit Cards Utterly Obsolete

The Entire History of Bitcoin in a Single Infographic

A New Way to Pay

A variety of new payment methods, processors, and banking tools that use smartphones will revolutionize the way we use money — particularly for small businesses and developing countries. Polish futurist Piotr Turek stated in an interview with Thomas Frey that, “in less than five years, smartphones, watches, and other devices will replace credit/debit cards, wallets, lenders, stockbrokers, and insurance agents.”

So, what technologies and enterprises are acting as a catalyst to a cashless, cardless society? Sumsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay — to name a few. Numerous technology giants are launching mobile payment and banking applications that only Lees verder

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