Are We Living in a Computer Simulation? Elon Musk Thinks So.

10 Things About the Future Sci-Fi Writers Got Right

Simulation Hypothesis

While many people take reality at face value, others believe the far more intriguing theory that we are living in a computer simulation. It’s a concept straight out of “The Matrix” (though its origin reaches much further back), and one of its supporters is Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

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During an interview at Code Conference 2016, Musk said, “There’s a one in billions chance we’re in base reality.” This essentially means that he believes that more likely than not (by a lot), the world that we know is just Lees verder

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Elon Musk Just Said That Tesla’s Making An Electric 18-Wheeler and Pickup Truck


Keep On Trucking

Today, Elon Musk officially confirmed that a “seriously next level” Tesla semi-truck is coming this September. He also praised the Tesla team for doing an “amazing job,” and he mentioned a convertible roadster and a pickup truck that should be to market in just 18 to 24 months.

This development is really no surprise to many, as rumors and speculations have long suggested that Tesla trucks were on the way. Still, the confirmation reveals that Musk is serious about disrupting the transportation industry.

It’s easy to see why he’d be feeling pretty proud of the Tesla team at Lees verder

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Scientists Are Exploring a Link Between Our Minds and the Quantum World

Reprogramming the Human Mind: Here’s How We’ll Make Humanity 2.0 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Could Quantum Consciousness Exist?

Despite all the research we’ve done, we still know relatively little about how the human brain works, and we know even less about the mystery of “consciousness.” Scientists disagree about whether consciousness exists at all outside the illusions of our own collective imagination. Some believe it exists independently although we’ve yet to understand its origins have brought quantum physics into the discussion.

This is probably in part because of the way that the “observer effect” challenged one of science’s most basic tenets: that there is an objective, observable reality that exists whether we’re looking at it Lees verder

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NASA Says Saturn’s Moon Has “The Ingredients Necessary For a Habitable Environment”

A New Discovery

NASA just released evidence that a liquid water ocean that could support life lies beneath the icy surface of Saturn’s moon Enceladus. The agency also reports that the world has many of the “ingredients needed for a habitable environment.”

Thanks to Cassini, organic chemicals—carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur—which are the basic building blocks of life, were seen spraying forth from the “tiger stripe” cracks on the cold surface of the moon.

Additionally, in the paper published in Science, which comes from researchers on the Cassini mission, it was revealed that hydrogen gas, which NASA notes, “could potentially provide a chemical Lees verder

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An All-Electric Vehicle Just Reached 217 MPH in a High-Speed Test

All Electric Cars: What’s My Range? [INFOGRAPHIC]

One Super-Fast EV

Lucid Motors just unveiled its luxury Lucid Air and an Alpha Speed Car prototype during the annual New York International Auto Show. Now, the California-based luxury automaker has shared a video of the vehicle’s first high-speed stability test.

During the test at the Transportation Research Center test track in Ohio, the all-electric Alpha Speed Car clocked a speed of 350 kmh (217 mph). That’s the same as a Ferrari LaFerrari.

These tests are relevant to the engineering process of the vehicle as they will allow the team to combine computer simulation models with real-world data to improve performance. According Lees verder

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Researchers Just Discovered a Spider the Size of a Dinner Plate in Australia


Arachnophobes have a few new reasons to steer clear of Australia—over 50 to be exact.

Scientists from the Queensland Museum have identified over 50 new species of spiders during a two-week expedition in the Australian bush.

New species of Brush-footed Trap-door spider – Mygalomorphae Barychelidae Idiomata sp. Image Credit: Bush Blitz

This mind-blowing discovery was made on the Cape York Peninsula. In this area are tarantulas the size of dinner plates, arachnids the size of fingernails, ant-eating spiders that can mimic their prey, and miniature jumping spiders.

The diversity of arachnids found can be credited to the regions’ ecological Lees verder

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Graphene That Changes Color When It Cracks Could Literally Save Lives

Graphene: The Miracle Material of the Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

A Natural Remedy

Since it’s discovery, graphene has been changing our society dramatically. The radically versatile material can filter sea water while also beating steel in tensile strength over 200 times. Now, the material might just save lives by revolutionizing the maintenance of infrastructure.

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A team of researchers at the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research in Germany have developed a graphene coating can signal inspectors about potential damage with a simple color change. The team published their results in the journal Material Horizons, Lees verder

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Goodnight, New Horizons. Sleep Well.

New Horizons: To Pluto and Beyond [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do Space Probes Dream of Electric Sheep?

NASA’s Pluto probe, New Horizons, has been hard at work for the past 852 days and has earned its epic five-month-long nap that just began on Monday, April 10. Imagine working for almost two-and-a-half years straight — you’d welcome a bit of hibernation yourself.

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The period of rest is meant to reduce wear and tear and allow for the allocation of resources, such as funds and personnel, to other NASA missions. According to New Horizons mission operations manager Alice Lees verder

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Get Ready: Elon Musk Is Releasing Details on His Plan to Unite Our Brains With AI

The Evolution of Brain-Computer Interfaces [INFOGRAPHIC]

Details Coming Monday

A few weeks ago, details leaked that Elon Musk had backed a brain-computer interface venture founded to allow humans to keep up with the advancements made in machine intelligence. The company – Neuralink – is still in the earliest stages of development. To that end, we don’t know very much about it (at all).

However, we aren’t entirely in the dark. We know a few things. For example, we know that the company’s ultimate goal is to develop a device (a brain-computer interface, to be exact) that could be implanted into the brain in order to augment (see: improve) human Lees verder

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