Mark Cuban: Universal Basic Income Is One of the Worst Possible Responses to Automation

Not a Fan

When business mogul Mark Cuban tweeted his concerns over the imminent unemployment that could stem from increased automation, Scott Santens assumed that the Dallas Mavericks owner was out to support universal basic income (UBI). Santens, a UBI advocate, replied to Cuban’s tweet, welcoming Cuban into “Team #Basicincome.” Cuban, however, flat out responded by saying that he wasn’t in favor of UBI. “I think it’s one of the worst possible responses,” he replied to Santens.

In the above conversation, Lees verder

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NASA Just Found A Solar System With 7 Earth-Like Planets


An Ocean of Worlds

Today, scientists working with telescopes at the European Southern Observatory and NASA announced a remarkable new discovery: An entire system of Earth-sized planets. If that’s not enough, the team asserts that the density measurements of the planets indicates that the six innermost are Earth-like rocky worlds.


And that’s just the beginning.

Three of the planets lie in the star’s habitable zone. If you aren’t familiar with the term, the habitable zone (also known as the “goldilocks zone”) is the region surrounding a star in Lees verder

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China Has Deployed A Brand New “RoboCop”

AnBot—a black and white, 149 centimeters (59 in) tall, 78-kilogram (172-pound) security robot that looks like a more efficient R2D2, and a less threatening Dalek—is now patrolling a railway station in China.

Image Credit: Chinanews via Shanghaiist

This robot, the AnBot, is equipped with a system of four high-definition digital cameras that allow it to move around safely and independently at 18 kilometers per hour (11 mph). The AnBot is designed to help assist passengers passing through the Zhengzhou East Railway Station.

Deployed February 17, 2016, the machine can aid commuters in the station, respond to questions, scan, Lees verder

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A Company Has Finally Said They Will Bring “Real” Wireless Charging

Tech start-up Yank Tech, named after its founder Josh Yank, wants to deliver “the first wireless charger that can REALLY wirelessly charge your device.” The company set up an Indiegogo campaign to fund their endeavor, and has already far exceeded their $25,000 goal.

The MotherBox promises to provide wireless charging of your Android or iOS devices at a rate of two to ten watts, depending on the device’s distance from the MotherBox. The device itself looks like a mini soccer ball, and does need to remain plugged in. The company is also offering a smaller battery-operated version that does not Lees verder

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Limitless Energy: Could We Ever Bring Sci-Fi Fusions Reactors to Life?

Everyone’s favorite astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson likes to discuss the plausibility and accuracy of the science in science-fiction films. His thoughts are so influential that they’ve even caused acclaimed directors like James Cameron to make changes to a film.

In a response to a question on his show StarTalk, he expressed his doubts on the reality of a future arc reactor like the one powering the Iron Man suit and Stark Tower in the Marvel cinematic universe and comics.

The laws of thermodynamics prevent such a reactor from operating as shown in the movies. However, this does not mean Lees verder

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Soon, Medication Will be Custom Tailored to Your Specific Genetics


Personalized medicine, which involves tailoring health care to each person’s unique genetic makeup, has the potential to transform how we diagnose, prevent and treat disease. After all, no two people are alike. Mapping a person’s unique susceptibility to disease and targeting the right treatment has deservedly been welcomed as a new power to heal.

The human genome, a complete set of human DNA, was identified and mapped a decade ago. But genomic science remains in its infancy. According to Francis Collins, the director of Lees verder

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Scientists Uncover Genes That May Help Combat Aging and Disease

Crispr Cas 9

“Late-Life Cyclers”

Scientists and physicians alike agree that the circadian cycle, an organism’s “biological clock,” plays an important role in keeping the body healthy. Now, researchers from Oregon State University (OSU) have uncovered another reason why disrupting this cycle is bad for your health.


Led by OSU graduate student Rachael Kuintzle, the researchers discovered that a subset of genes associated with the circadian cycle become active only later in life or during periods of intense stress. Kunitzle’s team identified at least 25 such genes, which she dubbed “late-life cyclers,” or LLCs. Lees verder

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Watch the World’s First Rideable Hoverbike in Flight

flying cars

Hoversurfing the Skies

A Russian drone start-up called Hoversurf just posted a video unveiling a prototype for a single-seat aircraft that you can drive yourself.

Dubbed the Scorpion-3, the electric-powered hoverbike is capable of lifting itself and a driver into the air. It combines a traditional motorcycle design with quadcopter technology, allowing both professionals and amateurs to easily control and maneuver the vehicle.

Using proprietary software, the company is able to limit the range and velocity of the hoverbike to ensure the safety of the driver. Aesthetically, the vehicle was inspired by the heavy-duty motorbike frames typically used in extreme games. Lees verder

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Last Week, the Temperature in One U.S. City Was 43 Degrees Higher Than Normal


100 Degrees in Winter

Magnum, Oklahoma, saw temperatures close to 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit) last week. This would be nothing exceptional in the tropics on a summer day, but this spike occurred in the Northern Hemisphere in the dead of winter. In fact, this weather was so extreme it broke a daily record in the state, which had an average February high of 13 degrees Celsius (56 degrees Fahrenheit) prior to this phenomenon.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin issued an emergency burn ban due to the sweltering heat, but a grass fire that caused some residents to evacuate their homes Lees verder

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