Elon Musk’s “Loop Project” Is One Step Closer to Breaking Ground

The Boring Company's Loop project connecting Washington, D.C., and Baltimore has moved one step closer to breaking ground.


Nearly two years after Elon Musk first claimed his Boring Company had permission to build an East Coast hyperloop, the project is finally starting to come to fruition.

Sort of, anyway.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) shared a draft environmental assessment for the Washington D.C. to Baltimore Loop Project, a scaled-down version of Musk’s initial vision. This marks the first step in a joint federal-state review of the project — and it brings a new kind of transportation system incrementally closer to reality.

Not a Hyperloop

The Loop project differs from the hyperloop system Musk initially envisioned. For Lees verder

Via:: Artikelen van Futurism.com


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