Machine Learning Is Giving Retro Games Cutting-Edge Graphics

By using machine learning technology, video game modders are reviving classic old games by giving their graphics a major update.

Retro Rewind

Your favorite classic video games are getting a killer makeover. But it’s not big-name game developers making the improvements: it’s independent modders.

Most game updates require teams of designers and coders working for months or even years, according to a fascinating new feature in The Verge, but now many are using machine learning to expedite the process — allowing a single highly-motivated modder to refurbish a game in just a few weeks.

Pixel Perfect

One extraordinary example: In March, Reddit user BearborgOne used a program called ESRGAN (which stands for Enhanced Super-Resolution Generative Adversarial Networks) to retexture the beloved GameCube classic Metroid Prime 2 Lees verder

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