Russia Built a Grotesque Robot Newscaster and Put It on TV

A humanoid robot TV news anchor dubbed Alex just read the news on Russia 24, a state-owned television channel, yesterday.

News Anchor Horror

A humanoid robot TV news anchor named Alex read the news yesterday on Russia-24, a state-owned television channel. The silicone-faced anchor presented some run-of-the-mill updates — and even touched on a lurid case in which local authorities were hunting down a mayoral candidate who allegedly kicked a homeless cat.

The unsettling humanoid TV anchor was built by Russian startup Promobot. So far, the company has mostly produced screen-faced service robots for local banks. Alex’s terrifying silicone face moves thanks to 29 motors, and is modeled to look like the company’s founder Alexei Yuzhakov, according to The Telegraph.

You can be the judge whether it’s a good Lees verder

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