The US Has Officially Started Using CRISPR on Humans

The first human CRISPR trial in the U.S. has officially begun, with a UPenn team using the technology to treat two cancer patients.

Human First

In June 2016, the National Institutes of Health gave a University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) research team the go-ahead to begin a human CRISPR trial.

On Monday, a UPenn spokesperson confirmed to NPR that the institution’s researchers have officially started using CRISPR on humans — marking a national first that could lead to a more widespread use of the technology in the future.

Last Resort

The spokesperson told NPR that the UPenn team has thus far used CRISPR to treat two cancer patients, one with multiple myeloma and one with sarcoma. Both had relapsed after standard cancer treatments.

For the trial, the Lees verder

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