When the Large Hadron Collider Turns on, It May Trap Dark Matter

Scientists have a new plan to try and spot dark matter by searching for particular particles once the Large Hadron Collider's upgrades are complete.

Eyes Peeled

When the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) turns back on and starts smashing particles again sometime in 2021, it may also point us in the direction of dark matter.

For years, scientists have been trying and failing to spot the invisible stuff that makes up the majority of matter in the universe. But now researchers have a new target: a comparatively heavy and long-lived particle that may be produced by the high-energy collisions at the LHC.

The particle is thought by some physicists to occasionally interact with dark matter — giving scientists a new lead toward spotting the elusive material.

Dangling Particle

Research published Lees verder

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Is Going Solar Worth It for Your Home? Use This Solar Cost Calculator to Find Out

In theory, using solar energy in private homes has always been a no brainer. Why pay the electric company an arm and a leg every month when sunlight is free? Unfortunately, putting theory into practice hasn’t always been that simple. In the past, high installation costs meant very few people could actually afford to make the switch. And the ones who could afford what solar cost still had to ask themselves, “is solar worth it?”

Luckily, that’s not the case anymore. The average cost of installing a solar energy system has plummeted by 70 percent over the last Lees verder

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Machine Learning Is Giving Retro Games Cutting-Edge Graphics

By using machine learning technology, video game modders are reviving classic old games by giving their graphics a major update.

Retro Rewind

Your favorite classic video games are getting a killer makeover. But it’s not big-name game developers making the improvements: it’s independent modders.

Most game updates require teams of designers and coders working for months or even years, according to a fascinating new feature in The Verge, but now many are using machine learning to expedite the process — allowing a single highly-motivated modder to refurbish a game in just a few weeks.

Pixel Perfect

One extraordinary example: In March, Reddit user BearborgOne used a program called ESRGAN (which stands for Enhanced Super-Resolution Generative Adversarial Networks) to retexture the beloved GameCube classic Metroid Prime 2 Lees verder

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See the “Colossus” Firefighting Robot That Helped Save Notre Dame

When the Notre Dame blaze got too dangerous for humans to continue battling, the Paris Fire Brigade called in a firefighting robot named Colossus.

Blaze-Battling Bot

When soaring temperatures and a roof on the brink of collapse made it too dangerous for humans to continue battling the Notre Dame blaze on Monday, the Paris Fire Brigade called in a firefighting robot named Colossus — a stunning demonstration of how high-tech robots are helping emergency responders stay safe on the job.

“It was a terrible situation, but it’s really amazing to see them put that robot to work and protect firefighters,” Michael Howe, president of a company that manufactures another type of firefighting robot, told Popular Mechanics, later adding that Lees verder

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A Photo Series by Yoko Ishii Documents the Free-Ranging Urban Deer of Nara, Japan

From the series Beyond the Border by Yoko Ishii, all images courtesy of the photographer

In Nara, Japan, Sika deer are not restricted to forests or parks, but rather mingle in the urban center much like humans—congregating in green spaces, browsing open shops, and even lining up neatly to pass through turnstiles. Although viewed as a burden in a most of the country, in Nara the deer population is sacred and protected by law. Beyond the Border, an ongoing series by Kanagawa-based photographer Yoko Ishii, captures the Lees verder

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Elon Musk’s “Loop Project” Is One Step Closer to Breaking Ground

The Boring Company's Loop project connecting Washington, D.C., and Baltimore has moved one step closer to breaking ground.


Nearly two years after Elon Musk first claimed his Boring Company had permission to build an East Coast hyperloop, the project is finally starting to come to fruition.

Sort of, anyway.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) shared a draft environmental assessment for the Washington D.C. to Baltimore Loop Project, a scaled-down version of Musk’s initial vision. This marks the first step in a joint federal-state review of the project — and it brings a new kind of transportation system incrementally closer to reality.

Not a Hyperloop

The Loop project differs from the hyperloop system Musk initially envisioned. For Lees verder

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China Is Sending Teens to a Simulated Mars Colony

It sounds like the premise to a young adult novel: a totalitarian government sends its kids to a special facility to train them for life at a Mars colony.

Mars Colony

It sounds like the premise to a young adult novel: a totalitarian government sends its kids to a special facility to train them for life on Mars. But this strange project isn’t fictional — it’s China’s C-Space base.

“We are trying to come up with solutions,” C-Space founder Bai Fan told AFP of the project, adding that “the base is still on [Earth], it’s not on Mars, but we have chosen a landform that matches closest to Mars.”

Space Camp

At the high-tech space camp, according to AFP, the teens will wear mock space suits while they explore the Mars-esque landscape of the Qaidam Basin.

But as China Lees verder

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A City-Sized Star Is Blocking the View of Our Galaxy’s Black Hole

In 2013, scientists were in the middle of studying the black hole at the center of the galaxy when a neutron star flared up and blocked their view.

Down In Front

When scientists released the first-ever image of a black hole last week, people immediately began asking why astronomers chose to focus on M87*, a black hole in a distant galaxy, instead of the one in the center of our home Milky Way.

For that, we may have to thank a Manhattan-sized, ultra-dense neutron star, also known as a magnetar, that’s blocking the view, according to Live Science.

Perfect Timing

Back in 2013, astronomers were working to observe the supermassive black hole at the Milky Way’s center — known as Sagittarius A* — when the magnetar suddenly flared up, totally Lees verder

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Samsung: Please Don’t Peel Protective Layer Off Our Folding Phone

Samsung will investigate emerging reports that the Galaxy Fold smartphone's screen is breaking. It's officially still going on sale on April 26.

Glitches and Bulges

Just days into testing of Samsung’s new futuristic folding smartphone, tech reviewers found their test units glitching and even growing bulges under the display. But Samsung isn’t fazed by the issues: the Galaxy Fold is officially still going on sale on April 26, according to Wall Street Journal tech journalist Joanna Stern. It’s still unclear if Samsung will take further actions regarding the glitches.


The Lees verder

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Scientists Gene-Edited HIV to Cure “Bubble Boy” Disease

Normal Lives

Researchers from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital have reportedly used HIV to cure infants born with “bubble boy” disease — a remarkable example of hijacking a deadly virus for a new treatment.

“The children are cured,” researcher Ewelina Mamcarz told NBC News. “They came to us as little infants, some of them as young as 2 months, with severe infections. Now they are home, living normal lives, attending daycare.”

Danger Everywhere

X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID-X1) is a rare genetic disorder caused by a mutation in the interleukin-2 receptor subunit gamma (IL2RG) gene.

People born with SCID-X1 lack Lees verder

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