A Scientist Thinks Someone Alive Today Will Live to be 1,000

A pocket of researchers in Silicon Valley believe that people currently living can survive for 1,000 years. But others in the field remain skeptics.

Happy Birthday!

Aubrey de Grey, a scientist who studies regenerative medicine, thinks that new biotechnology will let people who are already alive today reach the ripe old age of 1,000.

“It’s extraordinary to me that it’s such an incendiary claim,” de Grey said according to a new overview by The Week.

De Grey is just one of many in Silicon Valley who are determined to expand the human lifespan as much as technologically possible, signifying a growing but still controversial field of researchers obsessed with staving off death.

Basic Math

For instance, The Week reports that a Korean doctor named Joon Yun has offered Lees verder

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“BirthStrikers” Refuse to Reproduce Because of Climate Change

Members of the growing BirthStrike movement are publicly announcing their decision to forgo parenthood in the face of climate catastrophe.

Climate Catastrophe

In February, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez noted during an Instagram Live video that many young people are currently questioning whether it’s “okay to still have children” with climate catastrophe on the horizon.

For a group of people calling themselves BirthStrikers, the answer is “No.”

The members of the growing BirthStrike movement have publicly vowed not to procreate due to the existential threat of climate change — and they’re hopeful that sharing their decision might draw added attention to the world’s climate problem.

Forgoing Parenthood

BirthStrike founder Blythe Pepino publicly announced the group in early March, not long after Ocasio-Cortez’s Instagram Live Lees verder

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Google Glitch Wrongly Claimed That Ghana’s Economy Collapsed

On March 15, Google converted currencies to Ghana's Cedi at one-fourth of its actual value. This is the third country to be hit by the glitch this year.

“Minor Glitch”

On March 15, people looking up Ghana’s exchange rate got a bit of a shock — according to Google’s exchange rate service, the Ghanaian Cedi was trading at one-fourth its normal value, signaling some sort of economic cataclysm.

In actual fact, a U.S. dollar is currently trading for about 5.10 Cedi. But an error that Google has since referred to as a “minor glitch” shifted the exchange rate to a catastrophic 22.72 Cedi per dollar, CNN reports — a troubling sign of the power of information brokers in the age of the web.

Unknown Cause

Many people throughout Ghana were caught off guard by the exchange Lees verder

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Handheld CRISPR Device Diagnoses Genetic Disease in 15 Minutes

Scientists built a handheld device that uses CRISPR genetic tools and graphene transistors to screen for the mutations behind muscular dystrophy.

Standardized Testing

To help make genetic screening easier and more accessible, scientists built a handheld device that uses CRISPR gene-editing technology to scan for mutations much more easily than existing labs can.

The device, which Keck Graduate Institute bioengineer Kiana Aran told Futurism looks a bit like a blood glucose monitor, can analyze a purified DNA sample for signs of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in a matter of 15 minutes — a major improvement compared to conventional wait times of several weeks.

Long Road

The new technology, described in research published Monday in the journal Nature Biomedical Engineering, uses a transistor made of graphene that’s sensitive Lees verder

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Tesla Is Now Building Cars With Hardware For “Full Self-Driving”

“Full Self-Driving”

According to a Tesla vehicle inventory data website, Tesla is installing a system called Hardware 3 (HW3) in its cars that will enable “Full Self-Driving” capabilities.

Tesla news site Teslarati made the discovery — which could represent a major step up from the latest iteration of the company’s Autopilot feature.

A New Chip

Hardware 3 is supposed to finally make Tesla cars fully “self-driving” — what exactly that means is not entirely clear yet. What we do know is that the new chip will greatly improve performance Teslarati reports, allowing the onboard computer to make far more calculations per second, helping it to get better at Lees verder

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Mesmerizing Alphabetical Animations by Mr. Kaplin

Last year for the month of March, motion design studio Mr. Kaplin (previously) released a series of alphabet animations loosely inspired by an object or concept beginning with the featured letter. Reflective “R’s” and planetary “P’s” lie at the center of the graphic short films that imagine the letters as part of continuously looping installations or machines. The project, A Month of Type, was published to the studio’s Instagram, and was also compiled into an alphabetical list of the animations with a soundtrack by <a target="_blank" href="https://www.boxoftoysaudio.com/" Lees verder

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Albert Heijn test groenten en fruit zonder plastic

Supermarktketens zetten steeds meer in op het verminderen van de hoeveelheid plastic. Naast minder plastic zakjes bij de groente- en fruitafdeling gaat Albert Heijn bij één winkel nu een stap verder. Vanaf vandaag worden een aantal groente- en fruitsoorten onverpakt in de schappen gelegd.

Dit artikel verscheen op DuurzaamBedrijfsleven. Bezoek DuurzaamBedrijfsleven.nl voor al het nieuws over innovatie, cleantech en de business case van duurzaam ondernemen. Of volg ons via social media.

Lees verder

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VTN Architects Designed a Vietnam Home With the Green Space on the Inside

Images via Vo Trong Nghia Architects / Hiroyuki Oki

Blurring the line between the interior and exterior, Vo Trong Nghia Architects designed and built a three-level residential home in Ho Chi Minh City that is overflowing from within with fiddle leaf fig plants, various palms, and winding vines. Going beyond arrangements of potted house plants, the architects integrated the flora into the physical structure. Corridors, staircases, and rooms are lined with natural dividers that add color, block sunlight, and ventilate the space.

The latest project in the firm’s “House for Trees” Lees verder

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Handcut Paper Models by Seba Naranjo Welcome Dinosaurs Back From Extinction

Images courtesy of Seba Naranjo

Inspired and informed by the work that paleontologists have done over the past few decades, Chile-based artist Seba Naranjo designs and builds 3D paper models of dinosaurs for a project called Khartosauria. Through careful planning, cutting, and folding, he forms fun and expressive sculptures that roam desks and table tops the way their organic counterparts did millions of years ago.

With a background in graphic design and children’s illustration, Naranjo tells Colossal that his fascination with dinosaurs and paper started when he Lees verder

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Curved Lenses Multiply Everyday Views of Paris in a New Mobile Installation by Vincent Leroy

All photographs © Vincent Leroy

Slow Lens is the newest piece from French artist Vincent Leroy, who often explores optics and light in his large-scale installation work. The piece is suspended from above, and a network of curved, translucent lenses distorts the viewer’s perspective. Displayed en plein air, the connected lenses slowly rotate and ofter multiplied visions of the surrounding environment. Leroy installed and documented Slow Lens in various locations around Paris, including in highway lanes that were vacant due to pollution-induced city traffic restrictions.

The artist Lees verder

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