Scientists Plan to Clone Extinct Horse Using 42,000-Year-Old Blood

Siberian scientists conducted an autopsy of a 42,000-year-old foal of an extinct horse, and found that it's so well-preserved they may be able to clone it.

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Last year, scientists found a 42,000-year-old Lena Horse foal — those are extinct, by the way — frozen in Siberian permafrost.

Now, they hope that they can clone the long-dead horse back into existence, according to Gizmodo, using liquid blood samples researchers extracted from the horse’s surprisingly well-preserved heart.

Horse to Water

In addition to liquid blood, scientists conducting the autopsy found intact organs and tissues.

“We can now claim that this is the best-preserved Ice Age animal ever found in the world,” Semyon Grigoyev, head of the Mammoth Museum in Yakutsk, Russia, told Russian news agency TASS, as per The Siberian Times.

The one to two-week-old foal Lees verder

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Watch a Pack of Boston Dynamics’ Creepy Robot Dogs Pull a Truck

Dog Squad

Step aside, reindeer — robot dogs are hauling this load.

In an ominous video titled “Mush, Spot Mush!” posted on YouTube Tuesday, robot maker Boston Dynamics showed off the sheer strength of its SpotMini quadripedal robot dog. The clip shows 10 specialized Spotmini derivatives called Spotpower hauling a box truck across a parking lot — and at a one degree incline.

The robot maker announced in 2018 that it will start selling SpotMini robot dogs to the public this year. The 66 pound robot can climb stairs, cross a wide variety of different terrain and carry 31 pounds.

Spot, the Red-Nosed Reindog

Potential applications range Lees verder

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6 Contemporary Relief Artists Who Put a Modern Spin on This Ancient Art

Relief Sculpture

Interior of Santi Giovanni e Paolo in Venice. “Monument of the Valier.” (Photo: WikimediaCommons (CC BY-SA 4.0))

Relief art is one of the earliest forms of sculpting, with the first records dating back to the cave art of the Upper Paleolithic, around 25,000 BCE. Over the centuries, it remained a popular art form in many cultures, from Ancient Egyptian wall carvings to the sculpted marble and bronze pictorial style of the Italian Renaissance. Today, many contemporary artists continue to practice the age-old sculptural technique, but often with a modern twist.

What is Lees verder

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Someone Hid $1 Million In Bitcoin and Left Clues to Find It

A mysterious group of individuals hid the keys to $1 million worth of bitcoin in a twisted game with no rules, CoinDesk reports.

Satoshi’s Treasure

A group has hidden the keys to $1 million worth of bitcoin — and left cryptic clues to find them, CoinDesk reports. The game has the adventurous name “Satoshi’s Treasure,” a reference to the eponymous inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Think of it as a large-scale treasure hunt a la “Ready Player One,” with clues spread out across the internet. The first clue of the puzzle was released yesterday, and 6,000 people have already signed up to play.

Logic Puzzles

“There are some clues that are very scavenger hunt-y, and clues where it’s purely logic Lees verder

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Venture Capital Firms Are Pouring Money Into Astrology

Recently, venture capital firms have invested heavily in astrology apps and companies that are benefitting from cultural popularity.

Taurus in Donut

Astrology doesn’t have to be real for it to attract real money.

In recent months, astrology startups offering apps and subscription services have raised quite a bit of money from venture capitalists and other big-money investors, reports The New York Times, with some apps raising millions in recent funding rounds — a strange collision between the analytical world of finance and the superstitious one of horoscopes.

Venus in Retrospect

Many of these astrology apps do well with millennial-targeted marketing campaigns, offering free horoscopes then charging for other services like one-on-one consultations, or generating birth charts — personality readings based on the position Lees verder

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Forgotten Household Objects Cloaked in Cross-Stitch by Ulla Stina-Wikander

Switzerland-based artist Ulla Stina-Wikander (previously) continues her signature cross-stitched interventions on domestic objects. Items traditionally associated with women’s housekeeping, like electric mixers and sewing machines along with hammers, wrenches, and axes, are cloaked in tightly fitting cross-stitched designs. Stina-Wikander sources the cross-stitch samples from flea markets and vintage stores, and is attracted to their connection with the now-anonymous people who made them. “These embroideries have been made by women and are often seen as kitsch and regarded as pretty worthless,” she states on her website. In using them in Lees verder

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A California City Just Launched a Basic Income Trial

Stockton, California, is in the early stages of its experimental trial of a universal basic income trial. A small group of people is getting $500 per month.

New Pilot

Stockton, California, recently started an experimental basic income program. The concept is simple: 130 residents will receive monthly payments, no strings attached, over the course of 18 months. The first payment was delivered in February.

When the experiment is complete, according to The Los Angeles Times, city authorities will pore over how people spent the money and how it changed their lives — resulting in a study that could provide crucial insight into the economics of basic income.

Basic Income

Participants aren’t exactly getting lifted out of poverty — the city is paying each person $500 each month. It’s not enough to Lees verder

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After Backlash, Pepsi Says It Never Planned a Space Billboard

After an outpouring of anger about the project on social media, PepsiCo no longer says it plans to launch a space billboard.


Recall the Pepsi slogan of yore: “Refresh Everything.” Apparently, that also includes the truth!

On Saturday, Futurism broke a story about Pepsi’s plans to use a space billboard sponsored by one of its energy drinks to protest against what it claimed were stereotypes unfair to gamers. But by Monday, after an outpouring of anger about the project on social media, PepsiCo — which owns brands ranging from Frito-Lay to Tropicana — had changed its tune about the project, saying the plans would go no further than a stratospheric test it recently carried out to try out the technology.

“This was a one-time event; Lees verder

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NASA is Building Inflatable Robot Astronauts

NASA is paying a team of scientists to build an inflatable robot that can move and grasp things by selectively inflating chambers that act like muscles.

Balloon Animals

NASA is investing in robots that do away with hard metal chassis and instead navigate by rapidly inflating and deflating air-filled sacs.

Scientists from Brigham Young University teamed up with the startup Pneubotics to build an inflatable robot named King Louie, according to IEEE Spectrum. The robot looks sort of like a Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot crossbred with a Bobo Doll — but its slightly unnerving appearance could be worth the benefits that NASA expects inflatable bots to bring to space missions.

Floppy Drive

Inflatable robots could serve as a lightweight, space-efficient alternative to metallic robots or robotic arms on NASA’s rovers, Lees verder

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