An AI Invented a Weird Sport Called “Speedgate”


Digital product agency AKQA says it has taught an artificial intelligence to invent a sport by feeding it data about 400 existing ones, TechCrunch reports. The resulting never-played-before sport, called “Speedgate,” is an unusual mix of soccer and rugby — with a touch of Quidditch.

Speedgate is by turns familiar and bizarre. Two opposing teams of six players pass and eventually kick or throw a ball through one of three gates at either end of a field — as long as it’s not the middle one. The team is composed of three forwards and three defenders. Only one defender can be in Lees verder

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FILTRATE: A Futurist Guerrilla-Style Short Film Shot on an iPhone in Montreal’s Subways

A new short film titled FILTRATE imagines a future completely saturated with technology, where post-human figures interact using rune-like symbols on immersive social media platforms. The film, directed by Mishka Kornai, was created in the public spaces of Montréal’s underground Metro transit system.

The actors in FILTRATE sport futuristic costumes made by Odette Mattha with shimmering tinsel, long strands of party beads, and textured fabrics that match the setting’s architectural details. Mattha’s designs take advantage of the unique feel of different areas of the Metro system: each station was Lees verder

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Fortunately, There Are Incredible 3D Scans of Notre Dame

By using 3D-laser scanning technology, there may still be hope for the full recovery and rebuild of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

From Bits to Atoms

The world watched in horror Monday night while flames tore through the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. As flames consumed the roof and toppled its iconic central spire, it seemed as though the historic church could be lost forever — but it’s possible, thanks to cutting-edge imagining technology, that all hope may not be lost.

Thanks to the meticulous work of Vassar art historian Andrew Tallon, every exquisite detail and mysterious clue to the building’s 13th-century construction was recorded in a digital archive in 2015 using laser imaging. These records have revolutionized our understanding of how the spectacular Lees verder

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Taco Bell Competitor Embraces Plant-Based “Meat” in its Tacos

The fast-food chain Del Taco just announced a new partnership with Beyond Meats to start selling plant-based meat alternatives starting April 25.

Meatless Monday

The American chain franchise Del Taco just announced that it will be the first fast-food taco joint to sell plant-based Beyond Meat as an alternative to beef, starting on April 25.

The move doubles the number of fast food chains to feature plant-based meat alternatives from one to, uh, two — earlier this month, Burger King announced that it had partnered with Impossible Foods to create meatless Whoppers. Now, with Del Taco working with Beyond Meat, plant-based meat alternatives have a real shot at going mainstream, according to Vox’s analysis.

“Beyond Tacos”

Del Taco and Burger King are sourcing their meat alternatives from Lees verder

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Elon Musk’s Question for Super-Smart AI: What’s Outside the Simulation?

In an interview with MIT researchers Lex Fridman, Tesla CEO and visionary Elon Musk reiterated his belief that we're all living inside a simulation.

Wake Up, Neo

In an interview with MIT researcher Lex Fridman, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk reiterated his belief that we’re all living inside a simulation.

When Fridman asked him what his first question would be for the first-ever artificial general intelligence system, Musk replied: “What’s outside the simulation?”

Pong of my People

Musk has floated the possibility that we’re all living in a “The Matrix” style simulation for several years. During a 2016 interview at a tech conference, Musk asserted that there’s “a one in billions chance we’re in base reality.”

The argument: video games have evolved from a “Pong, two rectangles and Lees verder

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Scientists Might Have Just Figured Out Where Nightmares Come From

A new study took the first steps toward figuring out which part of the brain is responsible for giving people nightmares and negative emotions during sleep.

Nightmare Factory

Nothing ruins a good night’s sleep like a dream about your teeth falling out or taking a calculus test while naked.

Thankfully, scientists are getting to the bottom of bad dreams, according to new research that tracks the neurological basis of nightmares.

Biological Culprit

The research, expected to be published Tuesday in the journal JNeurosci, tracks down which part of the brain is responsible for generating feelings of anger in sleeping people, according to Cosmos Magazine.

In the study, researchers woke people up when they were in the middle of what’s called REM sleep — short for Rapid Eye Movement — Lees verder

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Collected Rainwater Powers the World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall at Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport

A seven-story waterfall designed by Safdie Architects has become the shining focal point of Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport. The 130-foot “Rain Vortex” is supplied by collected rainwater, and flows at the center of a greenhouse topped by an inverted glass dome. Nearly 10,000 gallons of water are pumped through the circular installation per minute from a centralized oculus in the middle of the space. The overhead dome is composed of a gridded glass thick enough to absorb any noise created by the aircrafts taking off and landing, and was tested to ensure Lees verder

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Scientists: Tech Is Giving Humanity a Shorter Attention Span

The collective attention span of humanity is getting shorter as the internet and technology bring us a near-constant supply of new information.

Pay Attention

A new study published in Nature Communications on Monday found that humanity’s collective attention span is getting shorter — a remarkable side effect likely attributable to technology.

“The world has become increasingly well connected in the past decades,” researcher Philipp Lorenz-Spreen said in a press release. “This means that content is increasing in volume, which exhausts our attention and our urge for ‘newness’ causes us to collectively switch between topics more rapidly.”

Top ‘Tags

The researchers cited Twitter hashtags as one example of this shortened attention span, noting that a hashtag that made it into the Lees verder

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Minimalist Illustrations Celebrate the Beauty of Oscar Niemeyer’s Modern Architecture

Oscar Niemeyer Modernist Architecture Illustration by Levente Szabo

Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre (Avilés, 2011)

Freelance graphic designer and illustrator Levente Szabó is known for his crisp, clean style that has attracted clients like Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, and Penguin Books. Recently, he completed a personal project exploring the modernist architecture of Oscar Niemeyer. The resulting illustrations are a brilliant marriage between Szabó’s minimalist style and the abstract curves of Niemeyer’s buildings.

While Szabó first learned of the acclaimed Brazilian architect’s work during his time at university, at the time he wasn’t a fan of modern architecture. Too cold Lees verder

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Saturn’s Moon Titan is Covered in Earth-Like Lakes

By analyzing data from Cassini spacecraft's last flyby in 2017, scientists found that Saturn's largest moon Titan has an entire lake district.

Alien Lake District

By analyzing data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft’s last flyby in 2017, scientists found that Saturn’s largest moon Titan is covered with lakes similar to those found on Earth.

Precipitation refills some of the lakes once they drain over time, just like on Earth, confirming a long-standing theory about the moon’s geology. But there’s one obvious difference from Earth: Titan’s lakes are filled with  liquid hydrocarbons, including methane and ethane — very much unlike the fresh water found in Lake Michigan.

Titan Mesas

The new information about deep, miles-across lakes provides important insight into the nature of Titan’s geology — and how its north pole compares to Lees verder

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