ZEISS Unveils Its First Full-Frame Camera Integrated With Lightroom for Easy Editing

ZEISS ZX1 Mirrorless Full Frame Camera

ZEISS, a well respected German manufacturer of optical systems and medical devices, has announced a camera concept that is an intriguing entry into the mirrorless camera field. Developed in-house, the ZEISS ZX1 is a mirrorless full-frame camera that integrates Adobe Lightroom for seamless editing in camera.

The 37.4-megapixel sensor is paired with an integrated ZEISS Distagon 35 mm f/2 T for high-quality optics. The end product allows for the incredible image quality that ZEISS is known for with the ease of using a smartphone. And while it’s unfortunate that the lens can’t be switched out, the ZX1 more Lees verder

Via:: Technologie, MET


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